Why it is important to teach your puppy basic learning skills

You have to teach your puppy because he is not a full-grown adult dog.

I know you realize this obvious statement, but when it comes to training new puppies, most dog owners are oblivious to the fact that they cannot use dog obedience training with puppies.

You need to slowly coax your puppy to learn new tasks, simple lessons, and fun activities.

When we hear the terms “puppy training” we automatically think of the act of teaching the dog how to do basic tracks like sitting or where to go to the bathroom, for example. We may consider using loud commands or punishing the puppy in order to get them to obey these tasks.

Unfortunately, your job is not to “train” your puppy to do any of it, but rather to teach your puppy how to learn and to learn is a lot more different than training the dog for commands.

Before he can be trained for anything, your puppy needs to learn to do the basic learning tasks that will lead up to having the ability to learn your commands.

These tasks have a purpose beyond just the training performance of your puppy.

Use them to teach your pup how to learn, not how to do something the right way and the right way only.

You must take this in steps.

This means getting all of his brain signals to respond in the right order.

Then as the puppy matures he will be able to process the steps of learning and will have your commands taught to use as building blocks to aid in learning other activities.

What else do I mean when I tell you to teach your pup how to learn?

The answer consists of simple things.

Teach the puppy how to listen to you when your are talking to them.

We teach the pup how to look up at us. We also teach the puppy how to concentrate for a few moments at a time.

By acquiring these simple learning skills, it results in your puppy doing the simple tasks and receiving praise from you.

When he grows up to be an adult dog, all of the basic learning skills that you are teaching him now will be of great value.

These skills include listening, watching, and concentrating skills.

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