Toilet Training a New Puppy

Toilet Training a New Puppy is easier than you might think.

Puppies are playful creatures and often love to please their owners. The great news for owners is that Toilet Training Puppies is they are at the best age for them to learn and so it should not be long before you have a housebroken dog.

You want to constantly monitor your puppy, as they require a lot of supervision. Puppies sometimes just go without a warning and it is very important that you catch them in the act and to firmly disapprove this behavior.

Puppies tend to have a routine of when they are about to go. Typically right after feeding your dog you should put him outside for him to do his business. When he wakes up and when he is about to go to bed you also want to take him outside, this is just for the initial stages and to let him know that outside is where you want him to go.

It is good when you are toilet training a new puppy to have a command. Something like 'potty' or 'go potty' or something similar while he is either urinating or pooping. This helps him associate the act with the command.

Give him some treats after he has finished and exercise your happy tone of voice. Be sure to say things like 'good boy', 'good', 'nice work' etc, to let him know your satisfaction.

Be sure to clean up any messes inside the house with a deodorizing cleaning solution. This greatly helps smother the smell so that your New Puppy will have less of a chance going in that same spot again. Puppies and dogs have a keen sense of smell so you might need to wash the spot more than once before you fully remove any odor.

Make sure that all Household Poisons such as cleaning products are out of reach as this is one of the top ten Dog Poisons that can either kill or make a dog greatly sick.

Puppies will get themselves into anything almost and it is hard to prevent this at times. Be sure to have a Dog First Aid Kit and to recognize Dog Symptoms that your dog has eaten poison cleaning chemicals.

If you catch a mess on the floor and you puppy is nowhere to be found in that area then do not simply clean it up without your puppy’s knowledge of it. Find him and place him there and make sure to reinforce a very unhappy tone with your dog like 'no', 'bad dog', 'wrong' etc.

Make sure he knows that you have caught him doing something he was not supposing to. Do not rub any of it in his nose, this is a very old fashioned way of doing things and it does not work. In fact this method is more likely to traumatize your dog than to teach him that doing it inside the house is wrong.

You can even go as far as picking him up and putting him outside where he has pooped or peed before and praising him there.

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