Toilet Training Dogs

The best time to start Toilet Training Dogs is when they are young.

Dogs naturally do not live in houses and so they will often not realize it is wrong to defecate in the house. Toilet Training A Dog can take anywhere from three months to a year and you will have some messes in between.

Dogs will soon realize that they should do it outside if you keep up consistent behavior, but keep in mind that they will have accidents during this training period.

Typically you want to take your puppy out for a walk every time he eats, this is a great way to get him to go and not in the house. You should have consistent feeding times for your dog and develop a pattern for your dog. He will realize that after he eats, he will get to go outside which is a prefect time for a dog to do his business.

Every time you take your dog out and he starts to go, be sure to give him a treat after and to praise him. Giving encouragement that outside is where he should go and not inside.

If you do catch him pooping inside the house, remember to stay firm and to say no whenever he does. This behavior should not be accepted and you need to make that extremely clear to your dogs.

Toilet training dogs is an easy process if your follow these simple Housetraining Tips you will soon see an improvement in your dog's behavior.

Be sure to use cleaning products that can completely remove the scent of defecation, dogs will often use that area again just to re-mark their territory or because there is a familiar scent there.

Make sure the cleaning products you use are pet and child friendly as one of the top reasons why dogs get sick is due to the accidental consumption of toxic Household Poisons.

It is because of these reasons that many owners need to keep a Dog First Aid Kit around the house just in case they do eat toxic products.

Remember that as a responsible pet owner, you should pick up any remains while in a park or any sort of public place. Keeping parks and other public places clean makes it more enjoyable for other people to take in the beautiful scenery and to avoid any chance of others stepping in your dog's poop.

Sick dogs will often show symptoms through their feces. Even as gross as this might seem, it is good to ensure that your dog is producing healthy poop every now and then. Often times to find out if your dog has Worms is to inspect their poop, worms often live in the digestive tact and when they re-produce they come out alive via the dog's poop.

Dogs will often not show signs that they have worms, other than being excessively hungry, which honestly, many dog owners can ignore because a lot of dogs just simply love their Dog Food.

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