Weimaraner Breed Description a necessary read before you pick your dog

If you are one who has limited knowledge regarding the Weimaraner breed Description then the following article will give you a complete idea regarding the breed and all other information that you must possess when checking out a Weimaraner for purchase.

A big strong majestic looking dog is the first thing that people notice when seeing a Weimaraner. Weighing about 50 to 70 pounds depending on the sex the Weimaraner Dog is one that was originally a hunting type.

Initially found in Germany where they were used to hunt fowls and other game, the Weimaraner Dogs are quite strong and protective by nature.

These dogs have a very aristocratic and regal look as they stand with a shoulder width between 23- 27 inches. The females of the breed are always a little smaller and weigh a little lesser. When noting the Weimaraner breed description one can simply never forget the Weimaraner Colors.

Ranging from steel grey to mousy brown these dogs look quite attractive. Normally having short coat which is grey with hues of brown gives the coat a sepia undertone, therefore giving them a very attractive appearance. There is also another coat color present which is the Blue Weimaraner and is far more beautiful than the grey kind.

But this breed has a drawback of not being accepted by majority of kennel clubs in America and other countries. Similarly one can also find a Long Hair Weimaraner, this is also considered to be the result of mixing of the Weimaraner Breed and hence such Long Haired Weimaraners are not recognized by the AKC.

So if you wish to get a Weimaraner that looks attractive and is also recognized by the AKC make sure you pick the grey variety with short coats.

The Dog Breed Weimaraner that were originally found in Germany is very different from the variety found today.

The Germans were quite particular about this breed of dogs and it is believed that first dogs sent to America were sterilized in order to prevent the production of more of the species. However today one can easily find a well bred Weimaraner in both America and the United Kingdom.

Since these dogs had originally been of the hunting variety their tails had been docked, however now this practice has been declared to be illegal. Some other important Weimaraner Breed Information that people must be aware of regarding the Weimaraner is that these dogs are quite energetic and restless and would not be comfortable with just lying around.

If you are one who lives in a big house with lots of room for movement and spends a lot of time out doors then the Weimaraner is the dog for you. The Weimaraner is also quite dependent on its owner hence it would not react well to being left alone for any period of time.

So if you intend to have this dog then make sure you spend ample time with it.

The above mentioned points are just a few of a very long list of Weimaraner breed description.

However if you wish to adopt this dog then the article would provide you with a fair idea of having this pet at home.

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