Weimaraner Breed Information

When discussing the Weimaraner Breed of dog one can never forget to mention its history.

This breed of dogs is one of the most jealously protected and guarded breeds among all dog breeds in the world. Generally known as the Grey Ghost this breed was originally encouraged because of their capability to hunt both large and small animals and game.

The Dog Breed Weimaraner was first found in Germany where the duke Karl of Weimar encouraged the development of this breed in order to get hunting dogs to hunt large animals like bear, wolf and deer.

However with passing time and decreasing number of wild animals for hunting this breed was then encouraged into the act of bird hunting.

Some other Weimaraner Information is that this canine is very intelligent and they easily adapted themselves to the new practice of hunting birds. In the olden days of Germany the Weimaraner breed was only permitted to be adopted by nobility. A common man could not pet this dog because of strict rules. Today this breed has come a long way from hunting and has successfully made a very special place in most households.

Their initial instinct of protection and their brute strength enable these dogs to be easy guards in almost all houses. Not only that these dogs also serve a very good purpose of providing companionship. As the Weimaraner is quite attached to their master they are excellent pets for all even the disabled.

However their initial lack of social behavior is a great drawback in these pets. The Weimaraner Dog is found to behave in a very aloof manner with strangers; not only that these dogs are quite protective of their territory and things and at times the protective behavior gains such height that it can easily lead to someone not understanding the Weimaraner Temperament and aggressive attitude.

This is a major set back in these amazing, loving Weimaraner Dogs. Today most Weimaraner Breeders in order to make these dogs better suited for family life instill training of socializing from a very young age. This training has proved to be quite effective and one can easily find this breed adapting to the modern household life.

The Weimaraner breed is quite athletic and hence makes an excellent pet for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. If you are one who is prone to living a sedentary lifestyle then it is best that you do not adopt a Weimaraner, as this dog will not be satisfied with just a walk around the park.

Because of its amazing strength families with small children are generally advised not to train Weimaraner Puppies at home.

However when trained a Weimaraner is quite loving and can be quite attached to its master. A trained Weimaraner can easily move around with kids and is best suited for family life.

Like most animals this intelligent dog breed only requires love and attention from its master and if given that in the right manner one can be guaranteed an excellent pet for life.

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