The Weimaraner Dog
the perfect pet

When planning to adopt a pet the Weimaraner Dog breed is one that definitely comes to mind.

As these dogs are easy to train, groom and maintain they are pets, which are easily the favorite of many. Obedient, faithful and loving the Weimaraner is a companion for almost all.

Almost all policeman and other guarding tasks employ the use of the Weimaraner Breed.

They have a natural protective instinct, which makes them perfectly capable for this task. In addition to that their brute strength and huge height easily gives them the advantage they need.

A Dog Breed Weimaraner is quite large in size as it weighs about 50- 70 pounds depending on the sex. The females generally weight lighter and are smaller. The shoulder length of the dog is between 25-29 inches.

Hence these dogs look quite regal and majestic. This when coupled with the loud bark can easily scare even the best of people. A Weimaraner dog has a lot of strength and even as a Weimaraner Puppy it can easily knock down kids. Hence families with tiny children are advised not to adopt Weimaraner Dogs.

A Weimaraner is also quite attractive as it can be found in variety of coat colors, which give it such a beautiful appearance.

Generally one can find a short coat Weimaraner quite easily in Weimaraner Colors that range from mousy to steel grey. Originally the coat is grey but the presence of brown hues gives the coat a sepia undertone.

Along with this there is also another color, which is quite rare, and that is the Blue Weimaraner. Here instead of brown hues the coat has an undertone of blue color.

Blue Weimaraner Puppies can be found that have a coat color ranging from charcoal to gunmetal blue. But this variety is very rare as the blue gene in the dog is quite recessive.

Another rare variety in this breed of dog is that of the Long Hair Weimaraner. Here the dog has a double coat, which provides it increased protection from cold temperatures. The coat may be wavy or straight but is very soft and silky and gives this dog a very different appearance from that of the short coat variety because of its long hair and plume like tail that is undocked.

The long haired Weimaraner can be found in all coat colors of sepia to grey and at times even blue. All together the blue Long Haired Weimaraner is the rarest of all weimaraners.

But despite their large size and brute strength the weimaraners are quite loving and faithful and when trained properly with a lot of love and care is bound to give an individual a friend for life.

All that the canine wants is love and attention. When an individual spends ideal time with his Weimaraner pup then there are practically very few chances of them developing aggressive behavior in the later stages of their life.

Hence if you are looking for a dog that is protective as well as loving make sure you pick the Weimaraner Breed

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