You'll pop your eye out kid!

by Lauren
(Brick, NJ)

Well this happen over the summer of this year between my father's poodle and my sisters female Chihuahua.

They live in the same house also with a male Chihuahua, who for the most part have just tolerated each other.

The dogs have never really gotten along, but on this one summer day nothing out of the ordinary my father's poodle started to pick on the female Chihuahua and she fell to the ground the poodle jumped on her and actually popped her left eye out of her head.

My sister quickly grabbed her Chihuahua along with the eye covered the area with gauze and a cloth and went to the 24 hour emergency vet (since it was a Sunday) the staff performed an emergency surgery that placed the eye back and stitched the eye lid shut.

After several weeks we brought her back to the vet to have her eye checked out and to our amazement she made a complete recovery and can see perfectly.

We are so lucky to have been home when this incident happened as well as being knowledgeable about how to quickly respond to an emergency if and when it may happen.

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