The Dog First Aid You Learn Here Could Save Your Dog's Life...

Dog First Aid can reduce your dog's pain, suffering and perhaps even save the life of a poisoned or injured dog.

First aid for dogs, just like first aid for humans, is an effective combination of knowledge, supplies and skills, put into action for the benefit of your four-legged friend.

Along with a clear head and a good supply of confidence, anyone, including a child, can use them to save a dog's life. Dog First Aid 101 will help you with all of them, including the confidence.

Before Emergencies Happen

As important as it is to know what to do during a crisis, and how to do it, it's even more important to avoid the situations that put dogs at risk. Prevention is the key.

Prevention can't remove all risk to your dog. Preparation is important for effective treatment of any injury or illness.

  • If you live in an area subject to floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, tornadoes, volcanoes or even toxic waste spills, you need a disaster plan,an evacuation kit and a dog first aid kit for you and your dog. Nowhere in recent memory has this been so clearly demonstrated as it was with Hurricane Katrina, which left thousands of pets stranded as their owners had to leave them behind in their race to safety.

  • You'll need a dog first aid kit. You can put one together yourself, to suit your dog's needs. Or you can buy a prepackaged dog first aid kit, and customize it with extra supplies. Now is the time to become familiar with the supplies in a canine first aid kit.

  • If you're familiar with the signs and symptoms of illnesses and injuries that can harm your dog, you can provide the right aid faster, and more confidently. Learn how to recognize the signs of poisoning, illness and shock. Read up on how to determine if she has broken bones after an accident. Know the dog symptoms of illnesses and diseases that are common in your dog's breed.

    Also read a First Aid Book and the information here in Dog First Aid 101 so that you'll know what to do if you ever have to treat her. It's very hard to concentrate, and even harder to learn, when you're panicked. Prepare now so you don't panic later.

During Emergencies

You'll need to act quickly and correctly if your dog, or any other dog, is seriously ill, injured or poisoned. Learn what dog first aid to provide in various situations to relieve her suffering and keep her alive until the veterinarian can take over.

Serious injuries mean handling your dog carefully and transporting her to the veterinary clinic. You'll have to lift her in a way that limits any further damage, and minimizes her pain.

What You'll Find Here

Dog First Aid 101 is your source for information on all these aspects of canine care. Throughout the site, you'll find links to valuable resources, about different breeds such as

and many more along with recommendations for products to help you keep your dog healthy and safe. We're here to help you help your dog, so that he or she will continue to live a long, happy life.

May You Never Need It

I hope you never have to use any of the emergency first aid information you'll find in Dog First Aid 101. And I hope you'll use all of the prevention and preparation information, so that your dog can continue to live a happy, healthy life with you.

Don't Put It Off

Planning and preparing for your dog's emergency are like writing your will they're not something many of us want to do, or even consider. But just like a will, you do need to have them, for your dog's sake. You'll feel better knowing that you can keep your dog alive and reduce her suffering during any emergency situation.

Dog First Aid Could Save Your Dogs Life !
Dog First Aid, just like first aid for humans, is an effective combination of knowledge, supplies and skills. The Dog Blog
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