Weimaraner Colors

Let’s now shift our attention to a rather intriguing breed, the long-haired Weimaraner, also known as the Blue Long-haired Winemeyer. Weimaraners, with their unique coat and captivating colour variations, have a significant fan base, especially in America. These dogs are highly cherished, however, it’s quite astonishing to note that a sizeable proportion of their ardent admirers are still unfamiliar with the complete spectrum of their coat colours. This section intends to fill that gap and provide comprehensive information about the diverse colours these magnificent dogs can don. As we delve into the world of Weimaraners, we’ll explore the variety of their coat types and the captivating colours they can exhibit.

What Are The Different Types Of Wool Types In A Winemeyer

Long-haired Weimaraners, often lovingly referred to as “Blue Long-haired Winemeyers,” are a captivating and rare variant of the breed, renowned for their striking coat type. With a range of coat types available, each boasting its own unique texture, length, and colour, these magnificent dogs showcase a captivating array of intriguing variations. From flowing silky locks to luscious waves or even a luxuriously fluffy mane, the diversity of their coat types only adds to the breed’s irresistible charm and individuality.

Long Hair Weimaraner

This particular variant of the Weimaraner breed showcases a luxurious and silky coat, characterized by its impressive length that can reach up to 5 inches. These dogs encompass a diverse range of shades, spanning from a delicate and ethereal light blue-grey to a striking and distinguished silver-grey. Notably, these remarkable Weimaraners often possess a majestic mane gracefully adorning their neck, as well as elegant feathering embellishing their tail and legs, adding to their overall regal appearance.


The short-haired variant of the Weimaraner is more commonly found and is characterized by its sleek and shiny coat that lies close to the body, accentuating the breed’s elegant physique. This coat type comes in various beautiful colours such as the distinctive blue-grey and silver-grey, adding to the allure of these magnificent dogs. Despite their dense coat, short-haired Weimaraners are surprisingly low-maintenance, making them an ideal choice for those seeking both beauty and practicality in a canine companion.

Rare Long-Haired Blue

This is a truly remarkable and absolutely stunning variant of the Weimaraner breed. The Rare Long-Haired Blue Weimaraner is renowned for its extraordinary long and silky coat, which exhibits a distinct and captivating deep blue hue. It is important to note that, despite their name and striking appearance, these magnificent dogs are not predominantly blue, but rather possess a deep and rich shade of grey that truly sets them apart. Their exceptional beauty and unique coat make them a sight to behold and a truly special addition to any family.

What Colors Come In The Long-Haired Winmaer

Just as the Weimaraner breed exhibits a diverse array of coat types, ranging from short and smooth to long and wavy, it also showcases a fascinating range of unique colours. From the striking silver-gray coat that is often associated with the breed to the rarer shades of blue, champagne, and even mouse-gray, each colour variant possesses its own distinct charm and allure. These captivating coat colours contribute to the breed’s individuality and uniqueness, making each Weimaraner a truly exceptional and visually stunning companion. Whether it’s the classic silver-gray or one of the more unconventional colour variations, the Weimaraner’s coat is a true testament to the beauty and diversity found within this remarkable breed.


The Blue-Grey Long-haired Weimaraner is truly an enchanting colour variant, with its mesmerizing blue-grey coat that glistens and shimmers beautifully under the warm rays of the sun. This captivating hue perfectly complements the breed’s already majestic physique, adding an extra touch of elegance and sophistication.

Although the Blue-Grey Long-haired Weimaraner is not as commonly seen as its short-haired counterpart, it is precisely this rarity that makes it such a unique and highly sought-after canine companion. The allure of owning this exquisite breed lies not only in its stunning appearance but also in the exclusivity and distinctiveness it brings.


The Silver-Grey Long-haired Weimaraner is another intriguing colour variant that never fails to captivate. Its lustrous coat showcases a stunning silver-grey hue, reminiscent of moonlight gently cascading on the surface of a serene lake. This enchanting colour, more prevalent than the blue-grey variant, exudes a stately elegance that sets these dogs apart and leaves a lasting impression. With their regal appearance and mesmerizing coat, these Silver-Grey Long-haired Weimaraners truly embody a unique charm that is hard to resist.

Silver Blue Weimaraner

The silver blue Long-haired Weimaraner, as the name suggests, is a rare and extraordinary variant of the breed. Their coat exhibits a deep, rich grey that can appear almost blue in certain lights, resulting in a captivating and mesmerising effect. Due to their rarity, these dogs are highly prized and sought after by breed enthusiasts.

Each colour variant of the Long-haired Weimaraner is unique, with its own distinct charm. Regardless of the colour, what remains consistent is the breed’s majestic elegance, intelligence, and loving nature, making them wonderful companions.

Brown Weimaraner

The Chocolate Brown Long-Haired Weimaraner is indeed a rarity among the breed, presenting an intriguing deviation from the more commonly observed shades of silver and blue. This distinctive coat colour is not frequently encountered, with only a small percentage of the breed exhibiting this rich and luscious hue. The deep, warm tones of the Chocolate Brown Weimaraner lend to its majestic and distinguished appearance, further accentuated by the contrasting bright, expressive eyes that are characteristic of the breed. Despite its rarity, the Chocolate Brown variant is highly treasured among breed enthusiasts for its unique allure and the element of surprise it brings to the otherwise familiar palette of Weimaraner coat colours.