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August 01, 2022

If you have ever had a puppy, or even rescued an adult dog, you know how much trouble they can get themselves into, even if you're looking out for them.

August 1 2022

If they get injured in the process of satisfying their curiosity, this is one of the hardest things for them to get over.

Not only do they possibly have to go to the vet, where horrible things happen, but then they could be on cage rest where their routine is completely turned around.

In several countries, certain medications are commonly used for treating wounds. These range from relatively harmless, to toxic.

The one wound treatment that really needs to be discontinued is called Negasunt. This is used in hot countries to alleviate a maggot infestation in a wound. However, it is also toxic to dogs if they happen to lick it - which they do if not prevented.

I'm in the process of moving across the continent, but I'll be tuning back in before you know it.
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