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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter, Issue #023 - 10 ways to help your Dog beat the heat
September 15, 2007

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Issue 23

Table of Contents

10 Ways to Help Your Dog Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

1. Never leave him in a parked car Even if you're thinking of just popping into the store for a few quick purchases, and even if it's a mild day, take your dog with you, or take him home first!

The temperature in your car can rise to an intolerable 150 degrees in minutes.

And it doesn't take long for your dog to develop heatstroke.

2. Exercise in the early mornings or late evenings. It doesn't take a dog long to overheat in hot, humid weather - even if he has ready access to water.

So try and avoid taking him for his walk or playtime in the park during the hottest times of day.

3. Play with water If you do exercise him in warm weather, use the hose.

A good spraying will let him play hard while keeping him cool.

Or if you're by a pool or beach, even better.

Let him get wet, and then rest afterwards in the shade.

4. Watch his weight Obese and overweight dogs are at a much greater risk of heat exhaustion in hot weather.

By keeping him slim all year round, you promote many health benefits, including the ability to stay cool longer in the heat.

5. Stay cool on the road If you're traveling in your car, be sure the direct sunlight isn't beating down on him through the window.

If it is, keep the air conditioning on high.

6. Always have plenty of drinking water on hand If you're not at home, improvise.

There are plastic, unfolding bowls for sale at pet stores.

They're great if you're on the road and cramped for space.

7. Give him shelter On hot days, be sure he has a cool shaded spot where he can retreat from the heat.

A patch of earth beneath a tree with a bowl of water is good.

8. Watch for sluggishness If he's been exposed to too much warmth, he'll be unresponsive.

This will be accompanied by heavy panting. If he appears sluggish get him to a cooler environment immediately.

9. Redness means danger If his gums, tongue and conjunctiva (the lining around his eyes) turn from pink to bright red, or if he starts vomiting get him to your vet immediately.

He may be overheated and suffering from sunstroke.

Wrap him in wet towels, spray him with your hose and give him some hunks of ice to chew on - then head to the vet.

10. Dogs at greater risk Too much heat can be dangerous for any dog but if you own any of the following breeds, keep an extra close eye on him.

Brachycephalic breeds (wide, short heads) from pugs, bulldogs, and boxers to certain terriers. Their short snouts make breathing hard and the heat makes it even harder.

Large dogs over 7 years' old and small ones over 14.

Double-coated dogs.

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