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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter
June 15, 2010

Save your dog's life with dog first aid!

Whether you're new to dog ownership, or a long-time friend; have a puppy, or care for a senior dog; own a purebred, or a cross from the rescue center; regardless of your situation, your dog is precious to you.

You want only the best for your dog, just like you want the best for every member of your family. This newsletter has the Dog Information and resources you need to give your dog the best -- the best of health, the best of safety, the best of lifelong well being.

With some prevention and some planning, you can keep your dog healthy and safe, for years to come.

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I have a page on the website that is for my readers to tell their dog story. My hope was to have people tell their story so it might help someone else with the same problem. But lately there has not been any activity on this page. Could you please look at this page and contribute something if you can.

Thank You

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Table of Contents

Your Dog Is Talking To You - Are You Listening?

Dogs actually have the ability to signal to us precisely how they are feeling at any given time. If we are attuned to their signs we will know what their emotional state is.

Dogs can display various emotions including: happiness, sadness, boredom, excitement, and fear.

If you closely watch your dog you will notice that his eyes, ears, body, and tail are in an almost continuous, though subtle movement. This is his way of communicating his emotional feelings.

Studies are confirming the fact that animals use a very inconspicuous and refined system of communication. The good news is that with a little effort we can learn to understand our domesticated dogs.

There are some basic things you can look for but like everything else, not every dog follows the same pattern as the others. Here are a few typical guidelines to get you started.

Dogs use their tails to signal that they are happy or afraid. If their tail is wagging they are happy. If it is tucked down they are showing fear and submission. When their tail is proudly held high they are feeling good about themselves.

Ears are also very telling when it comes to signaling emotions. Dogs sometimes perk their ears in an adorable quizzical fashion as if to ask a question. They may also tilt their head to the side when puzzled. The ears may be held in a backward direction against the head when the dog is angry.

As you become increasingly skilled at reading your Dogs emotional language or identifying his moods, your bond with him will deepen and grow even stronger.

Many professionals that have lots of experience in working with dogs have developed the ability to read canine language very well. This is true of dog behaviorists, Dog Trainers, veterinarians, groomers, breeders, and even life-long dog owners.

It seems that dogs are able to recognize and appreciate when you correctly read their emotional language. Perhaps this is why dogs seem to automatically like certain individuals. Maybe the dog immediately recognizes when a person understands him.

It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's!

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