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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter, Issue #039 - Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?
June 15, 2009

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Issue 39

Table of Contents

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Does your dog eat Grass?

Dogs are not known for being fussy eaters.

Put it in your dog's path and he'll gobble it up, whether it be table scraps, garbage ... or grass.

We're not sure why your pup likes grass, although there have been many theories offered.

Then there is the great mystery:

Do dogs eat grass to make themselves vomit?

Or do they vomit because they eat the grass?

Most veterinarians believe that dogs eat grass simply because they like it, and vomiting just naturally follows.

When dogs eat grass, the grass acts as an irritant and causes vomiting.

However, they may not be smart enough to use grass as a medicine when they have an upset stomach.

That said, some of us has seem a dog with burrs stuck in his throat pounce on a Ficus plant and voraciously start scoffing great scads of leaves until he threw up, presumably in an attempt to dislodge the foreign material.

Some veterinarians believe that dogs eat grass because their prepared diets are lacking in greens and so they eat grass.

And as some support of this contention, dogs sometimes seek out a particular variety of grass to nibble.

No matter what the reason, your dog's "grass" habit is normal behavior and you need not be concerned about it.

A note of caution, however:

Take care that your pet does not eat grass that has been treated with fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides. This could cause stomach upset or even worse problems for your dog.

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