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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter, Issue #037 - Dog Symptoms Dry Nose
April 15, 2009

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Issue 37

Table of Contents

Dog Symptoms Dry Nose and Treatment

Dry Nose

Many people wonder whether their pet’s dry nose is a good or bad thing.

Here are some dog symptoms for a dry nose which may be of possible health concerns.

By understanding the dog symptoms for a dry nose, you will be better educated and may help your vet figure out what is just wrong with your doctor.

From time to time dogs will get a dry nose and this is completely natural.

Other times they may have a moist noise.

This depends on temperature changes.

If, however, what you observe on your dog’s nose does not look like anything healthy, chances are something may be not right.

Watch out for some of the following dog symptoms for a dry nose:

Cracking or flaking skin: Does your dog have flaky pieces of skin on his nose or is he constantly trying to paw at it with his paws?

Does he look irritating and seem to constantly try and scratch or itch it?

Does the dog have any pink spots on his nose?

This could be caused by skin cancer. Dogs can be prone to skin cancer as the nose and other various parts are not protected by large layers of fur.

The fur helps protect the dog’s raw skin from UV rays just like the way humans wear clothes to help block UV rays from touching the skin directly.

Also, have you considered the fact that the plastic bowl you use to feed your dog as the leading cause of your dog’s dry nose?

Sometimes this can lead to irritation in the nose.

The plastics may contain chemicals that cause an allergic reaction for your dog’s nose and hence begin to irritate it.

This may cause your dog constant scratching.

Okay, so what do you do then?

Well, again, as always, it is best to bring your friendly furry friend to your local veterinarian.

She will best be able to determine what the problem is with your dog’s nose.

Your veterinarian will ask if you have observed any kind of dry nose symptoms and make note of them in your dog’s chart.

If you can, be sure to keep written detail as to when the problem began.

This could seriously help your veterinarian out in giving your dog some relief from his dry nose.

Your veterinarian may need to perform a biopsy on the dog’s nose to determine the cause of the dryness.

Sometimes different disorders can share similar symptoms of a dry nose, so again, it is best to get the advice of a professional, and not from the family friend.

Your veterinarian may recommend you make a consultation appointment with a veterinary dermatologist – someone who specializes in skin disorders for dogs and cats.

He or she would be a much better source of information as this is his specialty – skin issues.

Simple fixes may involve changing of the diet.

Often times we feed our dogs food that we do not even know are harmful.

Take a look at the back of your dog’s food bag.

Does it contain wheat or animal by-products?

Often times these animal by-products are the remains of animals that couldn’t’ be put into human food because of the strict regulations.

However, dog food manufacturers do not face the same kind of restrictions.

They can get away with putting a whole lot more harmful substances into dog food than their human food counterparts.

See if you can find a good source of dry dog food for your pet from a natural holistic store.

Often times these places truly will not sell anything that would be harmful to any pet.

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