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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter, Issue #027 - Exhaustion
June 15, 2008

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Issue 27

Table of Contents

8 Signs That Your Dog Is Suffering From Heat Exhaustion


During the hot summer months, your dog probably enjoys long walks outside, jumping in and out of the local pond or ocean coast, or just simply hanging around the yard. It is a fun time and because the weather is so nice most dogs prefer to be outside where all of the excitement is at! However, there is one unique danger that a lot of dog owners do not think of when the temperatures become extremely hot, and that is heatstroke or heat stress.

When people are vigorously active outdoors during the summertime when the weather is hot, they do not have to think twice about going inside to cool off or stopping what they are doing in order to replenish bodily fluids with lots of water. But dogs on the other hand, have a habit of being so involved with whatever they are doing outside that they may go long periods of time without hydration and without stopping to cool off.

Problems that dogs suffer from the heat can stem from heat stress (which is the result of too much exposure and high temperatures) to heatstroke (which is also the result of being in the hot sun too long but with the addition of high humidity levels). If too much time has been spent suffering from these conditions without proper hydration, heat problems can cause a dog to experience cellular breakdown, heart failure, and possibly brain damage.

Some dogs are more susceptible to sustaining internal injuries because of heatstroke or heat stress. For example, if your dog has any type of cardiovascular condition, respiratory issues, is overweight, or is a short-nosed buried, then he may experience damage from the heat three times as fast as any other dog.

If you are concerned because your dog was out in the hot weather for longer than expected, pay attention to the following signs which may indicate he is suffering from a heat condition:

1. If your dog is staggering around.

2. His panting is heavier than normal and may have a slight rasping sound to it.

3. Does he seem overly anxious with a delirious expression on his face?

4. Check his skin, it may be very warm to the touch as well is dry.

5. Does your dog seem weak yet restless?

6. Check his temperature, he may have a fever higher than 104�F.

7. Check his mouth and look for inappropriate salivation.

8. He may also start sessions of diarrhea mixed with vomiting as well.

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