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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter, Issue - How to stop dog digging
April 15, 2010

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Table of Contents

How To Stop Dog Digging

Does your Dog Dig in Your Yard?

Dogs are naturally diggers. They dig to their enjoyment - it is their canine ability, it is in their nature as wild animals. You cannot eliminate this habit completely. But what you can do as a dog owner is to redirect their energy to keep your lawn away from the problems it could cause.

Know the true cause of their digging behavior.

Digging everywhere means your pet might be having problems, like:

a. Separation anxiety - This means loneliness the pet feels when you are away, and digging is his expression that he wants to see you.

b. Boredom - Digging is one way for dogs to get distracted and be absorbed in something enjoyable

c. Lack of exercise - Dogs want to burn off their nervous energy on something worthwhile

Eliminating or solving the underlying cause beneath your dog's digging behavior will reduce its likelihood of digging up everywhere in your yard.

Five ideas how to stop dog digging

1. Keeping your dog well-exercised. Bored dogs tend to spend their energy on something that can distract their attention as they have nothing to do. Having longer play times with him, ones that last for 45 minutes, is a good way for the dog to be tired enough. You can also take him out for longer walks. He will likely be asleep the whole time you are away.

2. Give your dog chew toys to keep his boredom away. Toys and playthings are best for dogs that also have chewing problems.

3. Dogs that love to escape need to be crated to restrict their access when you are away or not around. However, they should not be crated for too long, it will cause erratic behavior. The best thing to do is to supervise him when he's in the backyard.

4. Place some dog poop in places where you don't want them to dig. Most dogs will shy away and not dig in spots where they see dog poop. It simply is not their style or not in their nature to soil their own paws and coat.

5. Give him a place in the yard where he is free to dig to his heart's content.

A good thing to do is getting a sandbox and filling it with soil, sand and leaves. Get your dog to dig in this place all he wants, but make it clear to him that other places in the lawn is off-limits. Praise the pet if he digs in the sandbox, but if you see him digging elsewhere, reprimand him on the spot, transfer him to the sandbox and praise him as he digs there. You can also reward him with treats.

These are only some ideas how to stop dog digging. Remember, you may not completely stop him from digging at times, but at least redirect that energy to somewhere else, or minimize the impact his digging can bring to your garden or landscape.

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