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July 01, 2022

This is the perfect time of year to take a hike with your dog, or go on a cross country road trip. But what happens if the worst thing goes wrong, and your dog is injured?

You would be so thankful if you knew some Dog First Aid For Wounds . Use the tips on this page to do the best you can to help your dog, then get to the vet, pronto. Don't try to do anything more than the basics, then let the professionals assess the wound, discuss the options, and decide on a strategy to treat it. The seriousness of some wounds is not initially apparent.

As a puppy of maybe three months old, in an interaction with an older dog, Bracken was bitten on the side of the muzzle. The bite made a tear, but didn't bleed, and we dutifully prevented him from pawing at it, took him directly to the vet, who sewed him up.

The one comment she made was,'it's a good thing it wasn't a bit lower, as there is a major artery only a millimeter away. If that had been torn, it would be a whole lot more serious than just a simple flap suturing!' So the moral of the story is, even if you think it's nothing and it will heal up fine by itself, go to the vet for a second opinion. You know your dog best as you live with him, but vets know dogs in general and their treatment best.

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