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July 15, 2022

Dogs seem to find trouble. It's not their fault, they're just curious.

They want to find out everything, and it's sometimes to their detriment; getting into an encounter with a skunk, for instance, or a rattlesnake.

July 15 2022

If your dog is allowed to run loose and find his own excitement, this can end in disaster.

Please teach your dog a firm recall, so you can call him away from trouble, and also teach him the 'it's your choice' game. This also goes by Zen, and 'leave it'. This game is crucial for every dog to know, especially if you happen to have toxic garden plants or toxic houseplants.

Learn more about which plants can cause damage, and remove access to them with a fence around the garden plants, or a birdcage over the indoor ones.

Always keep in mind, even if your dog has never shown interest in eating plants before, sometimes, in a moment of boredom, they'll try something new. Any unexplained panting, drooling vomiting or other dog poison symptoms should be investigated right away. You are the keeper of your dogs health, so be alert, on guard, and wary.

Trust your gut; if something doesn't look right, seek medical attention sooner rather than later.

If it turns out to be nothing, you may get the reputation of a helicopter dog parent, but the reverse is that you'll be looked on as a hero if there really is something wrong. Saving your dogs life is paramount, above any concern for how people refer to you!

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