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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter, Issue #017 - Nutrition
March 15, 2007

Save your dog's life with dog first aid!

Whether you're new to dog ownership, or a long-time friend; have a puppy, or care for a senior dog; own a purebred, or a cross from the rescue center; regardless of your situation, your dog is precious to you.

You want only the best for your dog, just like you want the best for every member of your family. This newsletter has the information and resources you need to give your dog the best -- the best of health, the best of safety, the best of lifelong wellbeing.

With some prevention and some planning, you can keep your dog healthy and safe, for years to come.

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Dog First Aid 101

You and your dog will both be glad you did.

Issue 17

Table of Contents


First Aid Tips

Dogs have different needs as they grow:

Puppies need extra nutrition and calories to maintain their high energy level, while senior dogs with slower metabolisms need more vitamins and nutrients to support joint health and reduce the stresses of growing older


Up until your dog is around 12 months of age (or later, depending on the breed), he's considered to be a puppy.

A puppy's health and nutritional needs are constantly changing.

Puppies require extra nutrition and calories to support his rapid growth and high energy level.

While he may look like an adult at six months, he should continue to eat puppy food until he's fully mature.


Depending on the size and breed, a dog is fully mature around the 12 to 18 month mark.

At this stage, your dog is in peak condition with plenty of energy and a distinct personality.

He will also be at his full height and weight according to the specifications of his breed.

Nutritionally speaking, a complete and balanced diet is a must however he won't require the high-calorie diet that he needed as a puppy.


Depending on the breed, most dogs are considered to be senior as young as six. Some of the changes are easy to notice, like the graying of the fur around your dog's muzzle or eyebrows.

Other changes are less noticeable, like a slower metabolism, a loss of hearing or vision and other stresses of aging.

There are also a number of nutrition and health issues that you'll need to know about - like the importance of protein to help maintain lean muscle mass or vitamins E, C and selenium to help fight the stresses of aging.

So try and match what you feed your dog with their age.

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Some short First Aid Tips

Road accident You may actually see the incident, or your dog may return injured.

Ensure that your dog is removed from further possible injury, i.e. off the road.

Keep your dog as quiet, still and as comfortable as you can.

Restrain him if necessary to prevent further injury.

Put pressure on any obviously bleeding points with a clean bandage or cloth.

Call your veterinarian as soon as possible to get advice

Cut paw Sudden bleeding due to a laceration from broken glass or other sharp object often happens on beaches and out on walks.

If bleeding is profuse, wrap the paw in gauze dressing or clean cloth and put a firm ace bandage with even pressure around the paw.

Take the dog to your veterinarian for appropriate treatment.

Never use an elastic band or other form of tourniquet around the limb, especially for prolonged periods (over 15 minutes).

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