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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter
August 15, 2012

Save your dog's life with dog first aid!

Whether you're new to dog ownership, or a long-time friend; have a puppy, or care for a senior dog; own a purebred, or a cross from the rescue center; regardless of your situation, your dog is precious to you.

You want only the best for your dog, just like you want the best for every member of your family. This newsletter has the Dog Information and resources you need to give your dog the best -- the best of health, the best of safety, the best of lifelong well being.

With some prevention and some planning, you can keep your dog healthy and safe, for years to come.

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Table of Contents

Train Your Dog to Catch A Frisbee

This newsletter is inspired by the Disc-Connected K9's show that happened last year in 2011 on August 19th. Disc-Connected K9's is a touring frisbee dog show that contains 9 different finalists in world events. They've been around for 19 years and are one of the most entertaining and fun agility oriented dog shows I know of. They take steps to show the potential bonding that can happen between you and your dog when you take the time to train with him or her regularly.

Additionally, and I love this, all of their dogs were picked up from shelters or humane societies across the country. They believe in rescuing dogs in need more than spending hundreds of dollars on pure breeds that get all the attention and care they need anyway. That's something you have to admire, especially since their entire operation is based on the speed, strength, and agility of these dogs. It would be so much easier to start with a purebred pup, but they just firmly believe that there's no reason that any dog can't do what's needed with the proper Dog Training.

So here are a few simple steps to get your dog catching frisbees on the fly in no time. It's fun and rewarding, and your dog will absolutely love it.

Step 1 – Buy the appropriate discs. Aerobie Dogobie Disc Normal 500 gram Ultimate frisbees are made of hard plastic that can hurt your dog if he catches it wrong. Look for pet-specific soft fabric discs that can take the appropriate amount of wear and tear. Aerobie, Hyperflite, and Hero are all good brands.

Step 2 – Gently encourage your dog to grab the disc in your hand and try to pull it away. When he grabs it, say “yes” or some other affirmative to show him that he's doing the right thing.

Aerobie Dogobie Disc

Step 3 – Pull back on the disc, but don't actually try to rip it out of your dog's mouth. Let him win, and then again praise him with either words or a treat, or both.

Step 4 – Roll the frisbee along the ground and let your dog chase it. Your dog will immediately chase it down, grab it, and, if well trained, bring it back to your waiting hand. It's a good idea to teach him the basics of “drop” at this time too. This step helps him get the idea of targeting the moving frisbee, but most dogs are pretty good at this anyway.

Step 5 – Throw the frisbee and watch him chase it down, leap into the air, and catch it. Praise him warmly if he get's it, and if he doesn't then just try again. You may need to reinforce some of the earlier steps or try standing a few feet in front of him and tossing it directly to him.

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