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It's A Dog's Life - YOUR Dog's! Newsletter, Issue #008 - Dog treats !
June 15, 2006

Save your dog's life with dog first aid!

Whether you're new to dog ownership, or a long-time friend; have a puppy, or care for a senior dog; own a purebred, or a cross from the rescue centre; regardless of your situation, your dog is precious to you.

You want only the best for your dog, just like you want the best for every member of your family. This newsletter has the information and resources you need to give your dog the best -- the best of health, the best of safety, the best of lifelong wellbeing.

With some prevention and some planning, you can keep your dog healthy and safe, for years to come.

If you find this newsletter useful, please do a friend and us a big favor and "pay it forward." Forward this issue to all the dog lovers you know. Dogs everywhere will thank you for it!

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Dog First Aid 101

You and your dog will both be glad you did.

Issue 6

Table of Contents

Pictures of your Dog

Dog Training Products

Dog Treats: More than just a tasty snack!

Pictures of your Dog

People tell me that this web site needs some pictures of good looking dogs.

I don't want to just use any old picture that I could find on the Internet.

I thought it would be nice if I put pictures of your loved ones on this web site.

If you have a picture that is (.gif, .jpg and .png, no larger than 30 Kbytes) please send it to me at and your Dog will be famous.

Heather sent us some pictures of her dog Dozer

Susan sent us some pictures of her dog Cholla

Delma sent us some pictures of her dog Red Regan of Monterey Bay

Animal Wellness Magazine

Dog Training Products

What type of dog training products do you need in order to teach your dog all of the basic manners and behaviors of a well trained dog? That answer to that question would invariably depend on what type of training tactics you plan on using.

Although using harsh and punishment-like methods of training is frowned upon, there are still many dog owners who insist on using dog training products like choke collars, spiked collars, and even electrical shock devices, all in order to simply training their dog in the same way that loving methods can work just as good, if not better.

Since you want to use love and care with your dog training then you need not worry about purchasing the above mentioned dog training products. In fact, you will need very little dog training products at all. To get a list of your needs and all of the training aids available, visit the many dog training product stores that are online.

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Dog Treats: More than just a tasty snack!

Proper feeding is the most important factor in caring for your dogs. They need to right amount of vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy and stay active. But while certain types of foods give them the required vitamins and nutrients, we should not overlook the benefits and values of giving them dog treats.

Dogs need constant love and attention, and one way to show them that they are being appreciated and loved is giving them delicious dog treats. Because dog treats taste much better than regular dog food, giving your dog tasty dog treats as a reward every time he does something good will make him remember the good deed and encourage him to do it again.

Dog treats are also a good tool when training your dog. For them, nothing else says they are doing a great job than a pat on the head, praise, and dog treats to go along with it. Giving them dog treats during training also encourages them to work harder. Providing dog treats during training will also make the experience more fun and enjoyable

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