What You Need To Know
About A Boxer Dog

After deciding to make my new companion A Boxer Dog, I began to gather as much information as possible on their breed.

I spent many hours online and talking to a reputable vet in the area. With many breeders to choose from, my research focused on these individuals as well. Following many days of thought, I finally chose a male Boxer.

He was the most adorable member of his litter and nearly the cutest little fellow I had seen. With golden brindle coloring, he stood out and caught my eye.

Health and Well Being of a Boxer Dog

My first concern was keeping him healthy. Members of the Boxer Dog Breed have several health concerns that can affect them.

Cardiomyopathy, aortic stenosis and hip displaysia are some of these. You should choose a recommended vet that will monitor your pet for signs of impending illness and disease.

Make sure to keep your Boxers vaccinations up to date. This is a preventative measure that can ensure health and well being. Anytime that you feel as though your dog is not well, you should immediately seek the advice and treatment of a vet.

Monitor your dog’s diet as well. Your dogs health is greatly influenced by the type of Boxer Dog Food that you feed them. Try choosing a food that is nutritionally sound for the age and activity level of your canine.

Growing Up With a Boxer Dog

Over time, I have watched my Boxer grow from a puppy into an adult. He is well behaved and settled into our family. He plays and socializes well with my children and guests.

Boxer Dog Behavior was never a stressing issue with him. He learned his role in our home at an early age. He is attentive and loving.

It is as if he can read my mood and adjusts his to match. Each day, I make time to take him outdoors for play. This allows him to spend his energy and get the Regular Exercise that he needs to maintain his breathtaking physique.

Inherited Strength of a Boxer Dog

In my research About Boxer Dogs, I found that Louey should live to be around fifteen years of age.

He could reach a weight of up to 65 pounds. My goal is to give him the best of care so that all his years are spent in health and happiness.

Boxer Dog History tells of the great number of occupations that this breed has held. When I watch my dog, I can see the strong bloodline that would support all of these endeavors.

A Few Thoughts

Daily Care for Your Dog takes only minutes each day and will help keep him or her in the best health. You should only choose this breed of dog if you are willing to Spend Time with Your Dog and devote some time and effort into their upbringing. Though not at all challenging, they still require a great deal of attention.

You never want to leave your Boxer outdoors as they are sensitive to extreme weather conditions. They do not tolerate solitude very well either. A Boxer that is left alone for a long period of time may begin to act out in a destructive manner.

They can also become withdrawn. If you tend to have behavior problems, you may want to try to be more aggressive and assertive. Soon your dog, no matter the breed, will learn that you are the boss and not him.

Finally, educate yourself learn More About Boxer, Training, Breed, Personality, Fitness & Care and Dog First Aid. These and other aspects can help you in raising a healthy companion.

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