Everything You Need to Know About Boxer Dogs

I tried to learn as much About Boxer Dogs as possible, before introducing my new canine into our home.

Spending hours researching the Boxer Dog Breed, my knowledge soon grew and I felt as though I was prepared to find my loyal companion.

If you are thinking of A Boxer Dog as your next pet, you should take the time to gain as much information as possible.

Look at important factors such as:

All of these areas of study will help you to provide quality care and a long happy life for your new dog.

Working Class Dog

As Boxer Dog History details, this canine has mostly been a working dog. They have been used over time as police, guard, hunting, courier, circus and fighting.

This breed is also a popular one for use as seeing-eye dogs for individuals that are blind. Through the American Kennel Club, Boxers are recognized as the largest breed in their working dog class. Strength and personality make them perfect for nearly any of the given occupations.

Striking Characteristics About Boxer Dogs

Boxer dogs have many striking characteristics that set them apart from any other breed. One of their Boxer Characteristics gave birth to their breed name.

Boxers have an ability to stand up on their hind legs and fight. They use their front paws as defense mechanisms to box their adversary. This breed has a defining silhouette that is handsome and debonair.

Being a medium-sized dog, they usually grow to be around 25 inches in shoulder height. Most generally weigh from fifty to sixty-five pounds at full maturity. Male Boxers are often taller and heavier when fully grown.

They own magnificent features such as a chiseled head. Their square jaw line leads into a body that is muscular and toned. They have short muzzles that may attribute to discomfort in more hot and humid weather conditions.

Unmistakable cropped ears stand erect for enhancement of their ability to hear. This is one of their most used and best senses. Another thing about boxer dogs is they are alert and stand vigilant as guard dogs.

Boxers have short and smooth coats. Their coats are low-maintenance. You can try using a chamois cloth for rubbing their coat after a bath.

This often gives a high definition appeal to your canine. Due to their short coats, Boxers should never be kept outdoors. They are an indoor breed that cannot tolerate the cold or heat.

Something you might not know about boxer dogs is you can find Boxers in many varied colors. Attractive fawn colors are common in shades of tan and even different hues of red. Brindle Boxers have striping of black in a background of fawn color.

A Boxer Dog can have a flash or markings of white. Flash should only cover about one-third of their bodies. You will often find solid white Boxers. These are known as check pups in a litter.

If you want a dog that is extremely loyal and attentive to its owner, you should choose a Boxer. As with many breeds, they require consistent attention and interaction of their owners. If left unattended, they often become lonely and withdrawn. Getting bored, Boxers may venture into trouble and mischief.

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