About Dachshund Dogs

This article is all about Dachshund dogs and where they originated.

They are an amazing breed filled with life and love. The Dachshunds are long dogs with very short legs in proportion to their body. They originally came from Germany and their name translates to 'Badger dog' in English.

Despite the German name, actual Germans refer to the dog as Dackel or Teckel dogs. Many people referred to the dog as a hot dog, wiener dog, or a sausage dog.

Dachshund Dogs are apart of the hound family. The standard Dachshund Dog because of its size was used for hunting badgers while the Miniature Dachshund Dogs were used for hunting rabbits.

The only thing different about the two is their overall size. Their proportions are still kept the same whether they are standard or Dachshund Miniature Dogs.

The most common Dachshund coat is short haired, followed by the Long Hair Dachshund Dog, with the wire coat being the rarest of the three. The wire coat actually has a rough and ridged outer coat and a slim and soft undercoat.

Dogs with a wire coat typically come with long eyebrows, a beard, and the hair is shorter on their ears. Dogs with this coat also have a very thick tail with some thin parts in between.

These dogs are very well balanced despite the long shape. It is quite common for these dogs to hold their head high to add some extra support to their balance. Their skin is not droopy or saggy in any way and they tend to be fairly muscular dogs. Their eyes are almond colored with dark rims.

They were bred to have long floppy ears because it greatly protects their eardrums from getting dirt and other materials into them while they are hunting. It might be a surprise to some, but the Dog has quite a strong jaw, which means their bite is extraordinarily strong for a dog of their proportion.

The best part about Dachshund dogs is their temperament.

They are extremely clever and anyone who owns a Dachshund will quickly find that they are very friendly dogs. They are small enough for little children to play with and little kids do not find them threatening or dangerous.

This makes them almost perfect household pets for the family. Dachshunds tend to have a lot of energy so they are able to play with children for hours and hours. They are also able to withstand the rough grabbing and drooling of toddlers. A lot of social interaction is needed with this dog or else they can become bored and mischievous and will find other outlets if they are not entertained.

An important piece of Dachshund Dog Information is that they need to maintain a good diet. Dachshunds that are overweight will start to get some serious Dog Health Problems relating to their spine.

They are fragile dogs in this regard and often times a quick Dog First Aid solution will not be the cure. When a vet gives a recommendation on how much to feed your dog, it might seem like it is too little.

Rest assured that these dogs are fairly small animals and do not need that much Dog Food. Has this information about Dachshund dogs helpful?

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