Why Your Adult Pit Bull May Have “An Accident” Inside The House

If your adult Pit Bull unexpectedly soils your house, the reason could be some kind of physical or emotional problem.

Keep an eye out on your dog to see if there is any change in his physical appearance and/or his behavior. A physical examination is often necessary when a formerly housebroken dog suddenly begins to soil the house.

When accidents happen, consider the following possibilities:

1. Older dogs simply do not have the bladder control that they once had when they were younger. The most effective solution for this is installing a doggy door.

2. It is quite common for older spayed females to dribble. When this occurs, Visit Your Veterinarian and ask your vet about drug therapies.

3. Submissive dogs, particularly young females, may urinate because of excitement upon greeting their owner.

Punishment in this case only makes the situation worse.

To eliminate the problem, keep greetings calm so as not to overly excite your dog.

Submissive urination usually stops as your dog gets older and gains more confidence.

4. If you notice several small urine spots, especially if they are dark or bloody, this could indicate a bladder infection. This type of problem causes the dog to urinate often.

5. Accidents can happen due to bouts of diarrhea. If this is the case, restrict the dog’s access inside the house. Clean and deodorize the area thoroughly and go back to house training 101.

Grooming Supplies For Your Adult Pit Bull

Although your adult Pit Bull does not need a full cabinet of beauty aids like some dogs do, he will still need a few basic essentials.

It is necessary for him to have a few health and grooming supplies to keep him looking sharp and feeling great. Having the right grooming supplies also enables you and your dog to have a more enjoyable grooming session.

A natural bristle brush is recommended in order to maintain his smooth and shiny coat. While Pit Bulls do not get tangled hair, a brush is necessary to remove dead hair, stimulate the skin, and distribute oils.

It is not necessary to brush his coat everyday; however it is a great way to give your dog a little pampering that he deserves. Daily Dog Grooming your Pit Bull also gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with him which helps in creating a stronger bond between you and your pet.

For bathing, you can either use a regular dog shampoo or a tearless shampoo. It is also good to have a rinse-free shampoo handy for quick-fixes.

Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth, have your Pit Bull get used to having his teeth brushed while he is still a puppy. You may add a meat flavored doggy toothpaste to make the task more enjoyable for your dog.

Lastly, you will need a good pair of nail clippers. The two types that are commonly used are scissors and the guillotine.

Be sure to use heavy-duty nail clippers for this Most Popular Dog Breed.

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