Allergy Free Dog Food Information

Finding the best allergy free dog food can greatly depend on what your dog is allergic to. There are a lot of dogs that can not properly process wheat, soy, or corn.

Wheat is one of the top ingredients in standard store bought dog food because it is cheap and it can hold the kibble together. Sometimes weaker dogs can not even process certain meats like chicken or beef without getting serious rashes.

Before you go out and buy an advertised allergy free dog food, you might want to visit your veterinarian and look into getting a blood test done to see what dog food allergies your dog might have. Pinpointing the exact allergy will greatly help save you time and money.

It will also narrow down if your dog is really allergic to food or if it's the environment he is in; for example your pet could be allergic to dust or fleas as opposed to certain food items in his kibble.

If nothing comes up in the blood test and yet your dog is still scratching excessively, then a quick dog first aid solution would be introducing more omega 3, 6, and 9 into his diet. This is a great way to get your dog's skin and coat shiny and healthy again without changing his normal diet.

You can purchase a specific pet coat treatment that has omegas in it or you can simply go to a macrobiotic store and purchase the capsules.

A lot of animal coat treatments have other chemicals or natural products in it that can worsen your dog's coat, which is why it is recommended that you use capsules first. Capsules tend to be better because you can closely monitor the changes and see if your pet needed the extra omega boost or not.

If wheat or another grain is an issue there are several brands out that that are grain free - a better alternative that provides all the necessary nutrition for your dog.

The allergy free dog food that vets sell at their clinics might not always be the best dog food choice and will certainly be a lot more expensive than the brands mentioned above. It's always worth consideration if the brands mentioned above do not help or improve your dogs health.

When veterinarians come across dogs that are allergic to food, they usually recommend changing the protein source. Many of the popular dog food brands include chicken or beef kibble and this could be the problem.

Changing it with lamb or another meat (rabbit, turkey, etc) that your dog would rarely eat can help counter some of the side effects.

You can opt for the kibble lamb version or you can go to a butcher and get it fresh for your dog. The kibble version would be cheaper, however feeding dogs raw food every once in a while would do wonders to their health.

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