American Bulldog

The appearance in the American Bulldog greatly varies. The overall look is a well built and bulky looking dog.

Bull dogs are very muscular with a rather large head that is almost square in nature.

They have a very strong jaw and a bite that can lead to stitches. Some of them have an under bite. The female bones are not as heavy as their male counterpart and they tend to be more refined.

Despite the heavy build, they are really quite light on their feet. These dogs are lighter than the English Bull dog and some of them are even able to jump up to six feet in the air.

Male dogs are between 22 to 28 in (55 to 70cm) and females are 20 to 26in (52 to 65cm) in height. Males usually weigh around 70 to 120lb (32 to 54kg) and females around 60 to 100lb (27 to 45kg).

They have short fur all over their body and they don't typically have hair in the ears. Their coat is really low maintenance and people can probably bathe the dog about once a month. You will not notice a lot of shedding when they are in the house, because they are considered to be light shedders.

Their color usually varies between cafe, white, black, red, and cream. If the American bulldog has any black, tri-color, tan, blue or any form of merle in the coat, it is considered to be a fault and they will be not qualify as a breed standard.

Any black color around the nose or on the eyes is not considered undesirable when trying to qualify. There should only be a slight to no pink color around these areas as well. Too much pink is also considered a fault.

The shape of the eye can be a wide oval, a beady dot, or can be very droopy depending on the dog. They have brown almond eyes, however it is quite common for American Bull dogs to have one blue and another one brown.

Many owners wonder about the temperament of this dog and if it is suitable to be around young children. The temperament really depends on the owner and the way the dog is treated and Trained, however it is probably best not to risk it being near children under the age of 8.

You might want to talk to a professional American bulldog breeder, as they would know more about the American Bull dog Puppies temperament.

These dogs need Regular Exercise. A heavy amount of running is not advised as they have small noses and deep breathing can be difficult. They should be walked for a couple of hours a day.

Running can also start to show signs of Dog Hip Dysplasia, which the Bull dog Breed is prone to.

The best Dog First Aid for such a disease is to help prevent it and make it as comfortable for the dog as possible. This means that you might have to give him anti-inflammatory medicine and ensure that his joints are warm at all times.

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Open American Bulldog fancy to any page and you are sure to find some interesting Bulldog history, a smidgen of dog humor, or even a useful list on how to make life with your BullDOG the best American life ever!

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