American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs are very protective over their household and can be very loving animals.

They are very loyal dogs that will give their life up in order to protect their owners. They have been many cases where these dogs have been stabbed and shot while protecting their owners from an assailant or burglar.

They are very confident dogs and are not stubborn to train in the slightest. They might take a little longer than most dogs to train, but once they get the concept they will instantly obey you.

They are strong and well built dogs. Their head is sort of square in nature and holds a strong jaw. The neck is very muscular and may be thicker than other dogs as it holds quite a bit of weight.

Male dogs have stronger and tougher bones than the female dogs. However, American bulldogs are extremely lightweight and reports have stated that some of these dogs are able to jump higher than six feet.

American bulldogs can become a little crazy if they have not left the house in a few days. These dogs require Regular Exercise, but it is not recommended they run.

As their nose is so small, it can make heavy breathing difficult and they can sometimes pass out from the lack of oxygen. The best way to prevent this is to take them on long walks to help release their energy. This is probably the most important step to owning one of these dogs, because they can be hard to handle if they have too much energy.

They are very protective over their Dog Food, so it is important that you try not to remove it when they are eating. They can instinctively react and bite you for it.

When these dogs bite the Pack leader by accident, you can quickly tell that they have a change in attitude. Instead of being the confident and tough BullDog, they immediately turn into weak and scared dog. Usually such a bite is not intentional and will not cause you much harm in the end.

When trying Dog Obedience Training, it is important to know that they need a consistent leader. Taking these dogs to social events will also help them become friendlier towards people and other animals.

Although, they are probably fine without the interaction, they can become a lot more paranoid and suspicious of friends and family coming into the house. It might take them a longer time to get used to these familiar people than if he were expose to more social environments.

This breed is known to get Dog Hip Dysplasia, so it should be noted more than ever that they should walk more often than run.

Be on the look out for signs and symptoms of this Dog Disease and be sure to prepare your Dog First Aid Kit accordingly.

It is highly important that this dog does not strain his hip joints and that you keep his joints and ligaments warm during the winter with a sweater or other piece of clothing.

Check this out for more American BullDog informaiton.

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