Away from the brink

by Peter Simmons
(Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK.)

The Beautiful Kai

The Beautiful Kai

Kai was a Groenendael [Belgian Shepherd; intelligent, beautiful, unaggressive, caring, with a sense of humour and love to give.

He was epileptic, rescued at six months, it was unknown what he had suffered in those early months, and it took over a year just to normalise him to not being afraid and nervous. After blossoming into a confident adult he began the first seizure and was put on phenobarb tablets twic daily. These mostly kept him seizure free, though stress could trigger one occasionally.

Then, one day when he was approaching his 11 birthday, he started to have one and it looked like a bad one; teeth clenched, eyes terrified, body stiff and legs stretched out in front. On my way to get the diazepam suppository, I thought I would try the CBD oil I had for chronic pain, my own, and squeezed a couple of drops between his clenched teeth. By the time I had the top back on the bottle he was sitting up smiling and relaxed. My mouth dropped open, literally, I had thought it might 'help' in some small way, I had not expected a miracle!

After twice more rescuing him from breakthrough seizures after years of phenobarbs, I decided to swap them for CBD oil morning and night, and he was seizure free for the rest of his life, which sadly wasn't that long as he became ill with what turned out to be carcinoma that had spread through his body.

When he started going downhill he stopped wanting to go for walks, as one symptom was a swollen back leg he had painkillers for, and, depressed, he lay and slept most of the time, rarely getting to his feet, and I was sure the end was coming, and trying to make that decision we all dread.

Then I met a healer, and things took a turn for the better. She lay down next to him, and without a murmur he accepted her immediately. She laid her hands on him, stroked him, and then moved a hand in spirals over his body, each spiral moving up and away. She spent half an hour, in the middle of which he rested his head in her lap, and when she finished she left him lying peacefully asleep and returned to the other room. Minutes later we were joined by Kai, with a new energy in his walk. He drank and asked to go outside, and then came back in and said hallo to his healer affectionately.

She came several more times and he improved each time, the leg reduced in swelling and he asked to be taken for walks, which he managed without any problem, miles in his favorite woodland, met friends and sniffed a billion scents. For three weeks he was like a new dog, but alas the cancer reasserted itself and he lapsed back again. It was so good for both of us that he had three good weeks when all seemed lost and he was falling into depression.

The healer, Wolf-Flower, specialists in animal healing, particularly dogs, and deals with all issues whether connected with the owner and their relationship, or on genetic problems or simple behavioral habits. She calms both dogs and humans and shows them a different way to be with each other. The problems are often from the human side of the relationship, energy flows are central, and the energy flowing between human and dog is where she works her magic.

She can be found on Facebook, or here at, and even offers distance healing for those who aren't local to her in North Norfolk, UK.

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