Barking Dog Information

No owner wants a crazy barking dog in his or her house.

It distracts neighbors, children trying to do schoolwork in the house, and it makes for family time around the TV less enjoyable when you're pet is constantly barking. There are ways to help your barking dog stop being so noisy. One of the easiest and most effective ways is to use a no bark collar. However, there are some downsides to using it so many owners would rather use a more natural training method instead.

Training your dog can take some time, but you will be spending more of your time with your dog and you can develop a close bond between each other. Some dogs bark because they don't feel secure or because they're not getting enough attention.

When you spend more time with your dog during this no-barking training process, you will quickly find that a lot of the initial problems will start to disappear. Of course, this might not happen with all cases. Dogs do like to bark at creatures and objects, as this is what comes natural to them. The only way for you to stop this behavior is to change this bad behavior with something more positive.

Dogs that like to bark have trouble completely stopping. In fact, you do not want your dog to completely stop. Your dog could develop insecurity issues or become insanely paranoid if this were to happen. A barking dog that completely stops his behavior will not be able to warn you when danger occurs.

If there were to be a break in or a fire in your house while you are asleep, barking dogs will be the ones to save your life.

To stop the bad habit, teach them something new as a replacement. You will see results within months of training. If your dog barks when he is hungry, then let him know that this form of barking is unacceptable. Show him that he will get fed the moment he gives you a handshake or rolls over on the floor.

If he barks at creatures, show him that you rather him play with a ball than bark at something far away. You will always want to have a command for him to stop barking and a command for him to do the new talent instead.

Of course, many owners can see results within one or two days if they use a no bark collar. No bark collars are extremely effective, but they can also be damaging to your dog in the sense that anti bark collars stop all forms of barking. As mentioned above, stopping all forms of barking is usually a bad idea.

If training does not work for you or if you find that the no bark collar is simply a better option for the situation you're in, then you will need to counter this device with good barking. In fact, showing your dog that barking at certain things like when you come home, when he is hungry, when there's a creature outside, etc, is a vital part of the 'good' barking training process.

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