Some Beagle Dogs

Beagle dogs are super friendly and loveable animals. They have a very calm and warm kind of temperament and they love to be around people.

Dogs like these need a lot of attention and are best placed in homes with big families or big dog lovers. These dogs are great for an older couple or even for the single.

Beagle dogs might be a bit reserved when new people come over, but they can quickly adapt and you will find they will approach a new friend or family member they haven't met before. These dogs are quite loud when they bark, making them good watchdogs.

You would be quickly alerted if a stranger comes by or tries to break in with one of these dogs at the house. They are very healthy as well, and Dog First Aid is something you might not need.

These dogs have a great sense of smell and are considered some of the best dogs for sniffing things out. They have a great ground smell, but scents from the air are harder for them. This is probably why you see the dogs more often at the airport than in search and rescue missions.

Beagle dogs come in a variety of colors. They most commonly have a tricolor coat. Colors that are most commonly associated with the Beagle dog are white, brown, and black. Some Facts About Beagles are that most are born black and white, but they start to develop their more traditional color when they are eight weeks old.

The very strong black that was apparent at birth can begin to fade to a more brownish color, though it can take up to 1-2 years before it turns into a 'full' brown color. It is not uncommon for Beagle Puppies to completely lose their black color when they are a lot older.

As many know, Beagle Training was developed specifically for hunting. This sort of mindset and determination has made Training A Beagle a little harder, but not impossible.

They most commonly hunt rabbit, but this has died down considerably over the years. Hunting Beagles are considered the best dog for hunting because the elderly could keep up with them on horses, the young could follow them with ponies, and the poor could run with them if they could not afford a horse.

Now that the Beagle Breeds are not as wildly used for hunting, they have jumped into other careers. They often play roles as detection and sniffer dogs. They can detect explosives along with drugs quite easily due their sense of smell.

They are also administered in the field of therapy. They are friendly and gentle Dogs that go to visit the elderly and the sick in hospitals. Many have noted that these dogs ease the pain of the suffering because nothing gets them down.

Beagles have been used as testing in the field of science. Through their testing, they have been the reason why we have some groundbreaking research out today.

More and more people are opting to test on rats and mice other than on dogs, but it seems that the Beagle Breed is used 96% of the time when research requires testing on a dog.

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