Some Beagle Facts and Information

Those who love beagles will surely love this short list of beagle facts.

If you're a new beagle owner, then let us step into the past for a moment. The Beagle Breed is believed to be from Europe.

Even though we do not have the exact date as to when the beagle came to be, it is believed that the Beagle was derived from a Southern Hound.

The meaning of the word 'Beagle' can come from several different regions. For the French, it can mean open throat or loudmouth. From Old English and Welsh, it can mean 'Small'. For the Germans, the word 'bagle' means to scold.

Fun Beagle Facts:

  • King Edward III brought roughly 120 hounds with him on the battlefield and it is suspected that these were Beagle Hounds, or at least the very young ancestors of beagles.
  • The beagle is considered to be a medium to small dog and is apart of the AKC hound group. At the tallest point of their shoulder, they stand around 13 to 15 inches. They also can weigh between 18 to 30 pounds.
  • Although something many people do not think of, the Beagle Breeds are really notoriously known for their sense of smell. They are probably the best dogs to use for smelling over any other breed. However, they are mostly good at ground scenting and not air scenting, which is probably why you do not see them with police, firemen, or other search and rescue personnel.
  • Beagles are known for their hunting due to their great sense of smell. They were widely used as rabbit hunters in England, but this has since died down considerably. Though, in certain places, they still use Hunting Beagles for these purposes.
  • The Beagle Personality is actually quite kind. They are wonderful with children, which is why you might see many families carrying these lovely pooches around.
  • Beagle Health is always a concern with your dog. Beagles usually have a healthy lifespan of 12 to 15 years, but some medical conditions can reduce this number greatly. For example, they can have epilepsy, funny puppy, back problems, dwarfism, and a disease called hypothyroidism. Typically, hypothyroidism is due to the dog's immune system seeing its own Thyroid Gland has an enemy. Best that you learn some good Dog First Aid tips and Visit Your Veterinarian if you suspect something is wrong with your dog.
  • These dogs are also able to get arthritis, Dog Eye Infections, Ear infections, and suffer from obesity.
  • These dogs are widely being used as medical research. The amount of Beagle Dogs used for this has greatly declined over the years, but beagles have been apart of many ground breaking studies in the past. The Beagle is still the most popular breed for this kind of research today.

Some other beagle facts include:

Most beagles wear a tricolor coat of black, brown, and white. Though there are other terms for a different colored tri coat. As a beagle owner, you might have heard of the Classic Tri, Dark Tri, Faded Tri, and Black back before. Here are some other Facts About Beagles that you should know.

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I hope you found these beagle facts useful.

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