Some Beagle Mix

Getting a beagle mix over a purebred beagle is a trend that's been growing in popularity the past few years.

Why is it so popular?

There are a lot of reasons you might want a mixed beagle, and a lot of the time it depends on the other breed that was mixed with it.

Let's look at the basics of beagles to see what the problem might be. As you probably know, beagles are famous for their innate hunting abilities. On top of that, they're a type of hound. If you've ever seen a movie where a pack of hounds is sent after a prisoner, you will probably recognize the distinctive howl of a hound.

It's loud, long, and carries over huge distances. This might be an excellent Beagle Trait if you're tracking down rabbits or pheasants and need to know when your dog picks up a scent, but it's not especially desirable if you live in an apartment complex with 4 close neighbors who can hear everything inside the apartment already.

One of the purposes of making a beagle mix is to cut down on the Beagle Personality traits that cause that howling and replace them with traits from a quieter breed of dog.

The Beagle Lab Mix is extremely popular. Labrador Retrievers are gentle and affectionate, and although they bark they don't have that baying howl that beagles have.

Of course, the problem with labs is that they can grow pretty large. The Beagle Breed is very desirable because they only grow to about 15 inches, so it makes a lot of sense to take the quiet nature of the lab and mix it with the short, compact size of the beagle. And there you have a lab and beagle mix that you can keep in your home without worrying about upsetting the neighbors.

Now, all of that sounds great in theory, but one of the problems with mixing two breeds is that you can never really be sure what's going to come out in the end. Crossbreeding is still an extremely inexact science despite the centuries that we have been practicing it.

There are certain things that you can usually bank on though. For one, the size is probably going to be somewhere in the middle between the two breeds. For a Labrador and beagle mix you could expect to get an 18 inch dog rather than either a 14 or 22 inch one. Second, a lot of the other physical traits are going to carry over, like a mixing of the colors of the two parents or a blending of facial structure.

In the end, a mixed dog is still a dog. They need just as much love and care, the same type of Dog First Aid Kit, and above all plenty of attention from their owner.

Depending on what your living conditions are like, a beagle mix might be just the thing you need. Try to get your Dog from a respectable breeder if you can so that you can be sure of what you're getting.

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