Some Beagle Personality Information

It's always a good idea to look at the different beagle personality traits, if you're thinking of getting a beagle for a four legged friend to spend your days with, to see if you would be a good fit, just as you would with any dog breed.

The temperaments of most dog breeds are based on the reasons that they were bred for. Beagle Hounds, for example, were originally raised as tracking and hunting.

They have a very good nose for picking up scents and are able to use this sense to find prey a long distance away. Of course, they need to be able to run to where the prey is hiding, so they naturally have a lot of energy.

Beagles are very independent, and they can be quite stubborn too if you don't enforce your rules strongly enough. They're also very outgoing, and as such they make friends very easily and will quickly feel comfortable with new people in their new home.

There are two types of beagles. One is slightly smaller and only grows about 13 inches tall, and the other is just a little bit bigger and reaches 15 inches when fully grown. Both of these types of beagles have virtually the same mannerisms and Beagle Behavior.

All in all, Beagle Traits are well suited for somebody who likes to exercise and get outdoors a lot.

Going back to the breeding issue, sometimes beagles get bred in unclean puppy mills, which are large breeding centers that don't pay very much personal attention to the Beagle Puppies.

They're almost like puppy factories, or at least as close as you could get to one. The typical beagle personality that arises from conditions like this is essentially one of stubbornness and fear.

They can be extremely difficult to effectively house train, mostly because the conditions that they are used to living in are far from clean. Most puppies from these places live in their own filth until they are lucky enough to get out and find a new home.

There's rarely any type of Dog First Aid and a lot of the older pups get Dog Diseases.

This is just one more reason in a long list to look for a breeder with morals and ethics when buying a New Puppy.

Another facet of beagle personality that you should consider is that these animals are naturally pack dogs. When they were originally bred they were often kept in large packs of at least 10 because more hunting dogs is always better. Therefore they constantly seek out companionship, and can get lonely very quickly if left to their own devices.

Make sure that you're able to devote plenty of time to your new beagle pup if you decide to get one. When they get bored they can get very mischievous due to the huge amounts of energy that is constantly coursing through their veins.

Above all, the beagle personality is one of friendliness. All they want is someone to pay attention to them, and they'll be the happiest dogs you'll ever see.

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