Some Beagle Training Information

For those who have ever owned a beagle, beagle training is a very difficult process.

Many have stated that beagles are one of the hardest dogs to train in the world. This much is true, but Training A Beagle is not impossible.

Many of these dogs are used for sniffing out bombs and drugs; these Dogs must be trained in order to sniff out these chemicals.

Training a Beagle to hunt and retrieve the animal back or alarm the hunters that the Beagle has found the animal. Just by these examples alone, this indicates that simple sitting, staying, and heeling is not impossible.

It is highly important that you be consistent when you are beagle training. Consistency is exactly what this dog needs and if you are unable to provide that, you will not get very far. Be sure to have a schedule as to when you will train your dog and stick to it for a month or two.

If your dog is not trained in a month, then you deeply need to re-work your method. It's also a good idea to have a Dog First Aid Kit handy.

It is best to dedicate about 30 minutes to an hour a day on training your beagle, ensuring that your dog has enough playtimes in between the training lesson. If you have a young Beagle Puppy, then it is highly important that you get them tired so they can better focus on your commands.

Tired Beagle Dogs in general are able to pay more attention and do not mind sitting in one place for a long period of time.

Always remember to give your dog a lot of praise. Dogs love to please their masters, so you only want to emphasize this Beagle Behavior with positive tone and attitude.

When dogs start realizing that by doing a certain action, you become happy, they will not hesitate to do it again. The Beagle Breeds are no exception and, in fact, are extremely heavy attention seekers, so use this to your advantage.

Use the appropriate Dog Food when Beagle Training. You probably want to get him something special and not use the traditional everyday kibble you feed him.

Find a treat that is bite size enough for him to eat and will not stop or get in the way with Training your Beagle. You can buy big treats and then break them in half as long as it doesn't distract your dog too much.

If the dog takes a long time to chew the treat, either break it in half or find a different treat. He should also enjoy eating it; if you find that your dog doesn't have that much interest in your treat, find a different brand.

As Training A Beagle takes a longer time, you must be patient throughout this entire process. If you find you are getting frustrated, then you should stop or take a break with your dog.

Frustration will take you two steps back and your dog might not be willing to learn new things from you – especially if you're getting mad at him.

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