Beg To Differ

by Cynthia

I beg to differ with your statement "Silver labs don't have any health problems associated to their color, nor their life expectancy any different".

Silver labs DO have health issues associated with their color. It is extremely irresponsible of anyone to make a statement such as the one I have quoted above.

Color dilution alopecia (CDA) is one of the "silver" color related genetic condition that a silver lab can suffer from all affecting the quality of their life.

CDA causes multiple skin and coat problems including:

alopecia with permanent hair loss (either partial or generalized)

a spare, coarse and dry coat lacking any protective oil

a lacking of a traditional double coat

sores and condomes to skin with secondary bacterial infections (requiring antibiotic treatment)

persistent itching

Body temperature regulation issues related to heat and cold exposure. Sunburning and hypothermia are of real concerns.

Inability to be able to participate in any hunting activities.

How do I know all of this? Because I have a silver lab who suffers from CDA. When researching the silver lab we believed a lot of the positive commentary. We have come to live with the fact that not all that commentary was accurate.

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Nov 20, 2012
Just Wanted to Add
by: Cynthia

Just wanted to add to my post that the so called "breeder" refused to honor his one year health warranty regarding genetic defects. We have been trying for over a year, just to get him to admit that our dog has a genetic defect (CDA) and that his breeding is responsible. In a weird twist, this "breeder" passed away 2 weeks ago. Also we have a two year warranty on our dog's hips which apparently won't be honored as well. Just because the color "silver" is "new", "rare" or whatever you want to call it doesn't mean it is worth the $1000+ price these dogs command. And just because a dog, any dog comes with a health warranty don't let that give you a false sense of security. Trying to get a breeder to honor their health warranty after they have your money will be slim to none. You will be left with a sick dog and expensive vet bills. The quality of a dog is only as good as the knowledge, commitment and ethical practices of the breeder. Don't cater to people peddling "rare silver labs". Take your hard earned money and find a yellow, chocolate or black lab. I learned the hard way, the very hard way.

Dec 02, 2012
by: Dee

what is silver, I have only seen 3 colors, yellow, chocolate, black.. OH, is this a designer color, Another gimmick to ask a high price for a pup, one should take it to small claims court, and make the person pay

Dec 05, 2012
You are right. Only 3 true colors of labs.
by: Cynthia

As previously stated, the "breeder" passed away at the end of October. The "breeder" lived out of state. Due to cost of specialty care at Michigan State University, we decided to put our time, effort and resources into caring for our dog's medical needs rather than pursue this matter in the courts. I have also utilized the internet to post informational reviews about this "breeder" and tell our experiences in dealing with the man. The reviews were less than favorable and he was very upset to say the least. I was able to connect up with 5 other owners of dogs from this "breeder", all experiencing the same or similar health problems. I believe this route has been very effective and has had an impact on his sales. You are right, there are only 3 colors of recognition in the lab breed. We were not looking for a "designer" dog, rather just liked the color. We were remiss in not researching information about the "silver" lab before deciding to purchase one. We have learned a very hard lesson. Thank you for your comment.

Feb 24, 2014
I have Silver lab with CDA
by: Katie

My Silver lab was diagnosed with CDA when she was about 18 months old. We had a punch biopsy and lab results confirmed. We have had to deal with patches of fur loss, staph infections of the skin, rounds of antibiotics and who knows what the future holds. Right now we are feeding a all fish night grain diet with fish oil, vitamin A, Apple cider vinegar, and melatonin. It's helped with some fur regrowth, but the sink eruptions are hard to deal with. We got our purchase price returned as we had the lab proof. I suggested that the breeder notify the others he sold pups to from this litter. Got no answer. Probably folks that think their dogs have severe allergies. Any advise from anyone dealing with this would be great. Jade was born in May of 2010 in Kansas.

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