Best Quality Dog Food Information

It's hard to narrow down the options to find the best quality dog food, with such a huge number of dog food products out there.

Not only are there different types of dog food, there are also different ingredients in each type that can make your decision just that much more difficult. If you really want to find the best quality dog food for your beloved pooch, here's a quick guide to get you started on the right foot.

First of all, you have to consider the different types of food out there. In addition to the two basic categories, canned dog food and dry dog food, there is also a new variety known as semi-moist. Additionally, you have to contend with more modern variations.

Some of the most prominent of these include:

The best holistic dog food and natural dog foods are commonly used intermittently. Both holistic and natural dog foods are defined by their uses of wholesome, natural, and nutritional ingredients as opposed to the chemicals and artificial additives that are commonly found in other types of food.

They claim to use no animal byproduct, which are practically a staple of the dog food industry at this point and is why so many dogs develop chronic health conditions that require more thorough treatment than just a basic dog first aid kit.

Additionally, they are always USDA approved and all factories and warehouses have been inspected by the same organization.

Additionally, most holistic and natural foods avoid the use of grain, corn, soy, or any of their natural byproducts in their formulas. These types are usually considered the best quality dog food available, but because of the higher price associated with them they may not be an option for all dog owners.

Natural organic dog food is just like regular organic food. All meat and vegetable products are organically grown so as to create a more healthy feeding option. Organic is also widely considered a high quality dog food choice, but they don't always use the same stringent policies that holistic dog food manufacturers use.

Gluten free dog foods are free from the common allergen known as gluten.

Celiac disease is the technical name for gluten allergies, and it seems like more and more dogs are being diagnosed with this condition every year.

Gluten allergies are not deadly, but they can be very uncomfortable for your dog, and if you consider to feed them a high gluten diet the condition can quickly become serious. Many vets will prescribe a gluten free dog food for your pooch, but although helpful they aren't always the best quality dog food choice you can get.

Grain free diet food is technically gluten free dog food but with absolutely no grains added. Gluten is only found in certain grains, so others like millet may still be present in your dog's food. These are usually very high quality foods because they use meat instead of grain for most of the formula.

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