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Asking a dog lover to point out the best small dog breeds is like asking a mother to choose a favorite son. Every breed has its own positives and negatives associated with it, and in the end choosing a favorite all comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer dogs that are more mellow and easygoing, while other people want an energetic dog that will be easy to train. In the end though, there's nothing wrong with singling out a few of the Best Dog Breeds, if only to point out the popular ones and the reason why they have so much popularity.

Basenji – The Basenji is one of the best small dog breeds to have around children. They are fun, energetic, and playful, and are most at home when with a group of familiar people. These dogs have quite a bit of energy, so it's a great choice only if you have the time to devote to it during the day. They need Regular Exercise each day, and even after a walk will always want to play some more. Another huge benefit of the Basenji is that they do not bark very much. In fact, they're known in a lot of places as the barkless dog, simply because, unlike other Small Dog Breeds, they won't yap and bark at passing animals or people.

If you're thinking about getting a Basenji, you should keep him indoors, not in a fenced in yard. This Most Popular Dog Breed has an uncanny ability to climb, jump, or dig under any fence, no matter how high it is. These dogs aren't the easiest animals to train, but it can be done with enough determination and patience. As an interesting bit of historical information, the Basenji is often considered the oldest dog breed in existence. Pictures of Basenji dogs have been discovered in Egyptian tombs, where the dog originated. They were brought to England twice, first in 1895 and then in 1937. Shortly after that they were imported into the United States, in 1941.

Beagle Facts – Beagles are extremely popular dogs, although many would hesitate to include them on a List of Small Dog Breeds, simply because they're historically very stubborn and hard to train. That fact aside, the Beagle Breed are still very energetic and fun loving animals that work well around children. As far as watchdogs go, Beagles are one of the best small dog breeds for that. Beagles work well as indoors dogs because they have a short, fine coat that doesn't shed very much. A short 5-minute brushing session every day will all but eliminate any shedding in your home. If you aren't too worried about stray hairs around the house, you can brush your Beagle once every week or so and you won't have any problems. Because Beagle Hounds are a variety of hound, they can bark and howl if left alone for too long, so for your neighbors' sakes you should plan to devote a lot of time to taking care of your Beagle Dog.

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