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A lot of people aren't sure whether big dog breeds are right for them, but the truth of the matter is that they're not so much different than any other breed. Apart from their size really, they're actually much easier to care for than some smaller or medium sized dogs, which tend to have a lot more energy and require more personal attention. Larger breeds are quite friendly and, as long as they're properly trained, don't represent any real physical threat, even to the smallest child.

If you've been thinking about getting a Large Dog Breed, there are a few things that you need to take care of before you bring one home. First of all, big dog breeds need extra special care given to their diet and nutrition. One problem that Large Dog Breeds often have is growing up with a weak skeletal structure. The ratio of size from puppy to fully mature with big dog breeds is huge, and some of them can grow more than 10 times their birth size by the time they're fully-grown. It's important to ensure that your dog gets all the important nutrients to grow a strong skeleton that can support this incredible growth rate. Between diet and Dog First Aid you should have a healthy adult dog in a year or two.

Now, before you bring that New Puppy home, there are some basic supplies that you need to go out and get. The first things are the Dog Food and water bowls. A lot of people get smaller bowls at first for the puppies, but you might as well get a larger bowl from the start, since they'll eventually grow into it. Opt for stainless steel rather than plastic. As plastic bowls sit around for a while the plastic can actually leech into the drinking water of your dog, which needless to say is incredibly unhealthy. Stainless steel bowls won't have this problem, and they'll also last much longer before you need to replace them.

Couple the food and water bowls with a strong leash and collar. Get some dog tags sometime in the first few days that have your address and phone number printed on them in case your new puppy manages to get away. He might be uncomfortable in his new home, especially if he's fully grown and not a puppy so be prepared in case he tries to run away. Eventually that urge will pass, but all new dogs suffer from a certain level of Dog Anxiety when they're brought into a new home.

Some optional supplies that you may want to go ahead and get for your new arrival are a dog bed, some chew toys, and a brush. The chew toys are especially important with puppies because they'll come in handy when you're teaching him not to bite. Whenever he tries to playfully bite you, redirect his attention to the chew toy, showing him that it's okay to bite only certain things. Big dog breeds are a joy to have around the house, as you'll soon find out.

If you are interested here is a List of Large Dog Breeds and a List of Small Dog Breeds.

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