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At the moment, the biggest dog breed is the Great Dane, with the world record for the largest living dog (and tallest dog ever) going to a Great Dane by the name of Giant George. After the Guinness Book of World Records measured him, he appeared on Oprah in 2010.

George's mother gave birth to him on a cold winter night in November in 2005. His owner is named David Nasser, who has had possession of Giant George since he was only 7 weeks of age. His records are absolutely incredible, coming in a full 43 inches tall at the shoulders, with a weight of 245 lbs. At the moment he's still alive and resides in the city of Tucson in Arizona.

At night, Giant George takes up an entire queen size bed all for himself, and when he's traveling to media appearances he usually takes three airline seats by himself. One of the privileges of being the world's biggest dog breed is that you get to ride up front in a plane, not back in the cargo hold with the other, non record breaking dogs. On one flight to Chicago he amassed a mob of passengers around his seats, and the pilot of the plane was actually forced to turn on the “fasten seat belt” light so that everybody would sit down again.

Originally there were a lot of different reports about Giant George's actual height, so nothing was verified for sure until Guinness sent a judge out to Arizona to get an official measurement. Apparently there's a lot of competition for the world's biggest dog breed, so they had to be absolutely sure he was the largest. The previous record holder for tallest living dog was another Great Dane named Titan, who is only three quarters of an inch shorter than Giant George. There are also Guinness World Records for the Smallest Dog Breeds, the smallest cat, the oldest dog, and the oldest cat, as well as one for the dog with the world's longest ears.

The Great Dane, aside from being the world's biggest dog breed, is an exceptional pet to have around the house. Great Danes are very calm and even-tempered, and are great around children and strangers alike. Despite what a lot of people seem to think, you don't need a lot of space to raise Large Dog Breeds as a Great Dane. On the contrary, a lot of them do quite well in smaller condos and apartments.

The biggest priority is just making sure there's enough room for the dog to lie down and stretch out while it sleeps. Other than that, a Great Dane will be perfectly happy in a tiny home. It's still important to take your dog out for Regular Exercise every day, but compared to medium and small dog breeds they don't usually have very much energy. If you're thinking of getting a Great Dane for your home, just make sure you are prepared to put the time into training it effectively.

If you are interest, here is a List of Large Dog Breeds and a List of Small Dog Breeds.

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