Blue Doberman Pinscher Information

Although most people picture Dobermans as jet black, the blue Doberman pinscher is actually fairly widespread as well; Color variations in Dobermans are relatively common these days.

The reason there are several different color possibilities among the Doberman Pinscher Breed is that there are actually two different genes for color in Doberman Pinschers, and one of them is a gene for color dilution, which often leads to some interesting results.

The two genes are described as black, which is written as the letter B, and diluted color, which is written as the letter D. When these combine in different ways, you get variations in color. Different breeding techniques make it possible to pinpoint a specific gene combination to bring out a desirable trait. There are actually nine different combinations of genes that are possible when breeding. These are bbdd, bbDd, bbDD, Bbdd, Bbdd, BbDd, BbDD, BBDd, and BBDD. This is where the blue Doberman pinscher comes from, as well as red, fawn, and black color variations.

Each letter is known as an ellele, and most of the time one of each of these will be dominant, as referenced by a capital letter instead of a lowercase letter. When this happens, you get a combination like BbDD, which typically results in a black or a black and rust colored dog. Blue Dobermans specifically have one dominant gene type and two recessive combinations of alleles.

In the 70's, Doberman Pinscher Breeders developed a primarily white Doberman pinscher, and through a series of successive inbreeding they were able to pinpoint the exact mutation so that it could be carried out in other dogs. These Dobermans are still relatively rare, and their coats are primarily cream or off-white, with white accents and light blue eyes.

A blue Doberman pinscher will have the same Doberman Pinscher Temperament and personality as regular Dobermans; the only thing different about them is their color, which is actually more of a grayish hue than straight blue. Although Doberman Pinschers were originally bred to be strong and vicious, they've been bred more for their intelligent traits in recent years to make them more desirable as house pets.

They have a medium build, not too large, which is considered an ideal size for any living quarters, and their short coats don't shed as much as other breeds, again lending itself to indoor living. Even though a lot of the household Doberman Pinscher Dogs can still rise to aggression if the occasion calls for it, this is balanced by their loyalty to their owners, and they are one of the lowest breeds on this list of dogs that will attack their owners.

Overall, Doberman Pinscher Dogs are actually very friendly, making them a joy to have around the home. If you're thinking of adopting a pet Doberman, be sure you know some basic Dog First Aid so that you can quickly respond to any medical issues.

Dobermans are almost as famous for their Doberman Pinscher Heart Problems as for their aggression against strangers, so proper diet and nutrition are crucial points to know if you want to keep your pooch around for many happy years.

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