Blue Weimaraner Information

Is the Blue Weimaraner the right dog for you?

Are you looking for a dog that is beautiful in addition to being strong and majestic?

Then the Weimaraner is just the dog for you. Weimaraners have been known to be one of the most intelligent of all breeds of dogs.

When thinking about Weimaraners the very first thing that comes to mind is a short grey coat, which ranges from mousy to silver. Hence the dogs are also known as grey ghost. However what most people aren’t aware of is that there is another Weimaraner Color, which is far more beautiful and rare in the Weimaraner Breed and that is the blue.

The coat of a blue has a black muted tone with blue hues, which give the coat a very attractive appearance. Unlike the grey coats, which appear in tones of sepia, the blue is rather attractive and also quite rare.

However the difference in the dogs is only limited to the coat color and is nothing more than that. Many have a misconception that the blue coated Weimaraner are more prone to health related issues like loss of hair like: Alopecia, this is completely incorrect as alopecia is a very rare disease in weimaraners and studies have proved that it can equally effect dogs of both coat colors.

The size, nature, behavior and all other characteristics of blues are no different from that of the grey. Hence not adopting the blue because of such false conceptions is indeed very unfair.

However there is a drawback with owning the blue Weimaraner as a pet. If you intend to take your pet for shows organized by kennel clubs then it highly likely that you’re dog will not be registered as a purebred dog as major canine registries do not recognize this coat color.

The law for the banning of this dog from rings was only established in 1972 when the American kennel club refused to register the blue Weimaraner as a pure breed dog. Similarly Federation Cynologique International the standard dog registration company of Germany does not recognize these dogs as a pure breed and as Germany is the country from which Weimaraners originated this is indeed a heavy drawback.

But if you intend to own a pet that is loving, obedient and protective in addition to being beautiful then you should definitely not rule out the Weimaraner Dog only because of this small setback.

The only way to breed a blue is by mating of two blues or a blue and grey dog, however even if both parents are blue is it not necessary that the offspring that is produced will also be blue.

There have been many cases of grey being born to blue parents. Hence it can truly be understood the importance of this rare and beautiful Weimaraner Breed and if you own this dog then you must definitely be proud of it.

Many Weimaraner Dog enthusiasts are constantly fighting for the approval and recognition of this breed as a pure one and so if you are one who is fond of Weimaraners then you must understand that this breed has nothing wrong with it and its only flaw is that it is more attractive than its grey kin.

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