Border Collie Agility Training

Border Collie Agility Training is a necessity to keep your dog in tip-top shape.

Border Collies are known to be a working dog, which is why Training Border Collies In Agility can be the prefect thing for your dog when they are not chasing sheep.

Agility and Speed Training is a great sport and exercise program. Basically any dog can learn Agility Training, but it needs to be done with patience.

Border Collies are often overly hyper dogs that want to get the job done; this can lead to sloppy Border Collie agility training.

As Border Collies have been labeled one of the smartest dogs in the world, it is essential that you keep a good eye on them while Dog Obedience Training. They will often try and see what they can get away with and if you allow it, they could get seriously injured.

To provide some brief background history for Border Collies, they are an offshoot of the landrace collies, which came from the British Isles.

The name collie first appeared around the late nineteen century and it appears that the name originated from Scottish English borders. Most border collies widely recognized in today's time came from a dog named 'Old Hemp'. Old Hemp is considered the father of Border Collies.

You can begin training your Border Collie at any age, however it should be noted that puppies that are still developing should not undergo heavy exercise.

Their joints are still developing and making your puppy jump heights can seriously destroy them. This can cause some life long harm to your animal and a huge pile of medical bills and expenses.

It is also recommended that Puppy Agility Training and even older dogs Visit a Veterinarian and go through a vet examination to ensure that they are in fit condition to practice the sport.

Learning some basic Dog First Aid can also help spot signs and Symptoms that your dog is developing a disease or is starting to seriously hurt himself.

When training your dog for Agility Obedience Training, you should note your dog's physical and mental capability. Training a Border Collie greatly depends on the type of mindset your dog has.

Border Collies are not known for their laziness, but can get quite stubborn after awhile of Dog Training. As they are not stupid dogs, they also tend not to be so daring in learning a new Dog Agility Training Obstacles right away.

The best way to counter any stubbornness or shyness is to make them feel like this is a fun activity. They are natural herders and this is what makes them such a good working dog, but they are often unsure what to do outside of herding sheep - like jumping through hoops and going through tunnels.

Remember it takes patience to teach a dog new things. Be focused on your dog's ability to learn and, if you feel he or she is getting tired of the rigorous Canine Agility Training, to take a short break. Always keep a positive tone of voice and never shout at your dog.

Frustration is one of the biggest setbacks. I hope you found this Border Collie Agility Training article helpful.

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