Border Collie History

Border Collie History is one of diversity and excitement and the Border collies are beautiful dogs that originally come from Great Britain.

They were originally bred right along the border between Scotland and England. In fact, the very name of the dog, border collie, comes from this small piece of geographic trivia.

The original purpose for breeding Border Collies was for a superior sheep herding dog, but eventually the breed showed so much energy and enthusiasm that border collies became a staple for cattle herders as well.

The dogs with the most energy and stamina were prized above the others, so through a border collie history of selective breeding we got the dog we know now: energetic, playful, hardworking, and extremely intelligent.

Border collie history is actually relatively short compared to the other breeds of dogs that were traditionally used for shepherding; in fact one of the earliest references to a 'collie' is as recent as the nineteenth century. During the mid 1800's, there was no true “border collie” breed.

A lot of the illustrations from that time period show varying breeds that look closer to Scottish shepherds than the modern picture of a Border Collie as we know it now.

In old times, dogs were rarely compared against each other except for within town limits, and Dog First Aid never really came into play.

Working dogs from one town usually weren't tested against working dogs from another town because there just wasn't really the time or the means to do so. Border collie history really jumps into the history books with the initiation of time trials in 1873 in Wales.

Dog owners from all over the United Kingdom were able to bring their dogs in to compete for national recognition. In England, the practice soon became popular and the winner of the first English trials was a man named Walter Telfer, who's brother was the original breeder of Old Hemp.

Old Hemp was a dog all of its own, unbeatable in every aspect. At one year of age, Old Hemp was placed into trials, and he was never known to lose a single competition.

He was able to 'read' the sheep according to some reports, and could bring them home with no apparent difficulty. With his success, border collies became a popular name, and Old Hemp was reported to have sired over 200 male offspring, a ridiculously high number, even for such a good looking stud dog.

These days, far removed from those first decades of Border collie history, border collies are fun, playful dogs that still retain that hardworking character trait passed down by their great great grandfather.

They are really smart, which makes Training Border Collies very easy, but it's important to keep therm occupied so they don't get bored.

A bored border collie can get into a lot of mischief. A Border Collie makes an amazing pet and an even better friend.

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