Border Collie Information

For the first time owner, having some Border Collie Information is always important before adopting or buying a border collie.

Basic Border Collie Facts like their temperament, exercise requirements, health concerns, and recommended living quarters will all help ensure that you have the right schedule and living conditions for this dog.

When you do not have the ideal conditions for this breed, it is usually best to either change how things are currently or if that is not possible, then completely skip trying to own this breed. When owning a dog, your pet's happiness should be considered.

If this breed does not have the necessary requirements, it could end up costing you a lot of trouble in the end.

Border Collies are extremely intelligent animals that were bred specifically for a work environment. This is why they are capable of doing various sports without much trouble.

They strive to work hard and when they participate in any kind of sport they see it to be fun and not exhausting. These dogs try to strive for the best in the eyes of their master and will always be trying to improve and increase their limitations.

Border Collies need to have Regular Exercise for at least two hours a day to or until they get tired.

They are very energetic dogs and if these requirements are not met they will look to other bad outlets or habits. Since they are intelligent dogs, they will quickly find away to met their energetic needs, which could cause them harm in the long term.

The ideal living conditions for this dog is on a farm and not in a small condo. Living in a condo or an apartment is typically fine as long as you take them out at least twice a day. This can be difficult for someone who works a daily job or has to travel a lot.

This bred has a couple of health concerns related to it. They can develop Hip Dysplasia, PRA (an eye condition), epilepsy, deafness, and they are extremely allergic to fleas.

It is very important that you Visit Your Veterinarian and ask about health related border collie problems before obtaining a pet.

Knowing the signs and symptoms that they might experience from any of these conditions is very important. You may want to have your own Dog First Aid Kit catered to the type of breed you own so that you can be slightly more prepared.

Border Collies are a descendent of the landrace collies. Their name came from Scottish English borders.

The father of all Border Collies was called Old Hemp. He was a Tri Color Border Collie and lived to the age of 8 before his death.

Typically in modern times, Border Collies have a life expectancy of about 12-15 years.

Old Hemp did not pick up any of his parent's bad traits and instead got the best of both his parents. This sort of situation is quite rare. Old Hemp's herding was very unique for the time; he was far quieter than other herding dogs. I hope this border collie information was helpful.

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