Border Collies Are Very
Smart Dogs

Taking care of Border Collies is not something that you should dread.

It can be a lot of fun to care for your doggy and make him happy. When he is happy and healthy, he'll start bringing more joy into your life, so it's a pretty even trade off to take a few hours a week and devote them to your dog.

It's easy to manage the time if you split it up into smaller segments and make it a Regular Exercise routine. Even if you have a busy job or work a lot, you can still find a little bit of time to make your canine happy. And he would certainly appreciate it!

Grooming this breed is one of the most important steps to proper Collie Care. This starts with Daily Care For Your Dog which includes a simple brushing a few times every week.

Find a good brush with solid bristles that can clear away any dead hair and dirt. They are very clean by nature, but you can give them a little boost by doing some brushing yourself. When you're grooming your Collie , take time to clean out Your Dogs Ears, clean his teeth, check his paws, and make sure everything is clean.

You should regularly check for fleas and ticks as well. A full-on flea infestation is something you do not want to be a part of, so checking regularly, every two weeks or so, and nipping the problem in the bud can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

If you do find fleas, use a product like Advantage, give your Collie a good bath with an anti-flea shampoo, and vacuum and clean the entire house if your collie lives inside.

To check for ticks run your hands through his fur around the entire body, but pay special attention to the area around the ears, because that's where ticks bite dogs most often. If you find a tick, be really careful how you remove it.

If you exacerbate the tick at all or shock it, it may regurgitate saliva into the bite, which is how ticks transmit diseases like Lyme disease. Grip it as close to the skin as you can with a pair of needle nose pliers and pull straight up. If you wiggle it from side to side or twist it at all the head can come off, still latched to the body.

Now, let's look at brushing your pooch's teeth, an important part of grooming, and a potentially useful Dog First Aid technique. You should Clean Your Dogs Teeth about every three days.

Visit Your Veterinarian they should be able to recommend a good brand of toothpaste for dogs that will not harm his gums.

Plaque can build up at the back of the mouth, so make sure you give those teeth a good brushing. This will prevent tooth decay or gum disease when your Collie gets older.

As you can see, it's not difficult to take care of border collies as long as you know what they need.

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