Boston Bulldog

A Boston Bulldog is a more compact version of a bulldog. Both males and females are only about 15 to 17in in height and weigh about 10 to 25lbs.

Just like their counterpart, they have short hair and can come in a wide variety of colors such as, black, brown, white, tan.

They have quite a flat, but big head that compliments their boxy frame. They have quite an open chest and very strong shoulders. The Boston's feet are about the same size as the body and his tail is stubby.

This BullDog is ideal for any type of living space as they can quickly adapt to their environment. They are well suited for a house or an apartment in the country or city.

They are very low maintenance indoor dogs as they rarely shed and are easy to manage. They are prefect for children and have a low temperament towards cats and other dogs. These dogs should not live outside, because the weather can be very harsh on their fur and they will feel neglected and abandoned. They need to be around people constantly and likes to sleep on or near people.

It takes a great deal of harassment in order for a Boston bulldog to get mad at you. However, if you do somehow push their limits, they will simply walk away and find someone else to play with.

This makes it completely ideal for children, because they sometimes can be a little mischievous when they have an animal and it is good to know that these dogs will not bite them. They have well manners and are completely easy to train.

Though, Housetraining may take a little longer, but this is something that just takes a little time.

These dogs do not require much Regular Exercise, but it is good that you take them for long walks. Even though they might not need much exercise, they do need to be played with constantly.

Throwing a ball or having some sort of toy that they can tug on should do the trick. As they can not handle the heat or extreme cold, it is best that you do not take them outside to exercise when the whether is like this. The best option is to kick around a tiny soccer ball and let them chase it for a while in the house or apartment.

You need to be aware of some health problems with your Boston bulldog. Since their snort is so tiny, they can have trouble breathing. When they are running really fast, they might have a hard time getting enough oxygen in their system and might pass out.

They are also prone to allergies and can have Dog Eye Problems. They have experience corneal ulcers, so it is highly important you talk to your vet about what sort of medicine you should put in your Dog First Aid Kit .

They can also become deaf. Becoming deaf can happen in any Boston, but it is more common among dogs that have one blue eye or if both eyes are blue.

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