Boxer Dog Breed Information

The Boxer Dog Breed is an extremely loyal companion that is highly energetic and may be just right for you.

I have received much gratification from owning A Boxer Dog My boxer has given me much affection and loyalty for many years now. He is a loyal member of the family and shows love to all he encounters.

Before you choose to bring a Boxer into your life, you should first try to gain as much knowledge About Boxer Dogs as you can.

In the following, you will Learn More About Boxer, Training, Breed, Personality, Fitness & Care and various aspects of this breed.

AKC and History of the Boxer Dog Breed

AKC or American Kennel Club recognizes the Boxer in a classification as a working group. Boxers are the top dogs in this class.

In the early 1900’s, the American Kennel Club first recognized Boxers. Since this time, their popularity has spread across the globe. Today, many of the top show dogs are of the Boxer dog breed.

Boxer Dog History starts by telling of their origination in the 1800’s in Germany. This breed was born by the breeding of an English bulldog and a Bullenbeisser.

Hunters wanted a smaller and faster dog that was inevitably strong and loyal. Soon they had just that type of canine. Over the years, Boxers were used for hunting, as police dogs, couriers, companions for blind individuals, and even circus dogs.

Description of the Boxer Dog Breed

Most female Boxers will reach an ideal weight of 50 to 60 pounds. They will be about 24 inches in height at their shoulder. Male Boxers usually weigh around 65 to 70 pounds at maturity and are about 26 inches in height.

Both male and females have a life expectancy of about 15 years if well bred and cared for. They are a well built creature with a chiseled and muscular appeal. Their shiny coats are usually fawn, brindle, red or white in color.

Most have flash or white markings that usually cover about a third of their bodies. Their muzzles are wide and they tend to hold these in a highly confident manner. Boxers usually hold their ears and tails in an alert position. Hearing is one of their most keen senses.

Intriguing Temperament of the Boxer Dog Breed

My Boxer, like most, has a very happy and content temperament. He is playful and energetic. Showing loyalty, he is assertive and attentive to my moods and commands. If I take him outdoors, he will play and run with unending amounts of stamina and energy.

Once we have returned indoors, he adjusts his temperament and will lie quietly at my feet for the evening. Children and guests never seem to bother him. He socializes well on all levels of interaction.

Keeping the Boxer Dog Healthy

Boxers can suffer from many health problems. You can prevent most of them by Spending Time with Your Dog and careful monitoring for signs and symptoms. Maintain your Boxer’s vaccinations in a timely manner. Seek the advice of your vet if you feel something is wrong with your canine.

Seek information about Health, Boxer Dog Care, Boxer Dog Training, nutrition, and Dog First Aid.

Learn as much as you can to ensure that your Boxer has a long and healthy life.

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Boxer Dog Breed Information to About Doxer Dogs

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