Breath Baby!!!

by Jo-Ann and James Macdonald
(Huntsville, Ontario , Canada)

Our day started like every other...Jaz is a beautiful 4 year old golden retreiver.

We live next door to her brother Hunter.

They love to play and run by the lake out back. James and I have been working on the deck when I heard yelping from our neighbors.

I began to call Jaz, she usually is never far from us. I began to walk over to ask my neighbor if Hunter is OK.

He said he was not sure.. he was standing holding onto both dogs after he had calmed them down...Jaz happen to be lying on the ground and it appeared Hunters mouth was around her neck...

I began to investigate and quickly seen Jaz's choker was wrapped around Hunters lower jaw, also hooked on his lower canine tooth.

It was wrapped so tightly it could not be felt on Jaz's neck. I began to scream James name. Hearing my panicked voice, James hurried over.

He too tried to unwrap the chain. I remembered the bolt cutters I seen earlier in the garage. I ran to grab them and my neighbor also ran for his.

When I returned Jaz's tongue was blue and she lie lifeless on the ground. Her pupils were fixed and dilated.

Panic came over me and my heart ripping out of my chest watching her fade.

James and the neighbor managed to clip a piece of chain from Hunters mouth.

James reacted quickly, he started to blow air back into Jaz's mouth and nose.

He tried to stimulate her chest, I too took my turn blowing life into her....I was shaking, staring into her eyes crying "breath baby".

James could see her tongue returning to a healthy pink and her eyes slowly start to react.

She took a gasp of breath and we watched as she came back to us.

We were afraid she may have some brain deficts....however she soon was standing and wagging her tail.

(I usually use her choker chain only on her leash, that day I forgot to take it off) However, the quick actions of my neighbor, my hubby and I saved her life....It is moments like these that take my breath away...

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