Breed Miniature Poodle Information

You may not know this, but the Breed Miniature Poodle is one heck of a smart dog.

Experts actually think it's the second most intelligent dog in the world, right behind the Border Collie .

It's no surprise then that poodles have been used for centuries to entertain people with their tricks. In 18th century France they were often trained for work in the circus – they would go on display in front of hundreds of people and wow them by jumping through hoops, balancing on balls, and even climbing ladders.

Miniature Poodle Dogs are so easy to train because they inherently want to please you. In the poodle's mind, he is living in a Pack . In that pack, the alpha male has the say in everything that he does, and nothing makes him happier than making the alpha male happy.

Do you even need to guess who that alpha male is?

That's right, you!

So when you train your breed miniature poodle for a trick and congratulate him on a job well done, you just made his day a success, so to speak. He gained the favor of the alpha male.

As far as the Poodle Training and tricks go, it's important to make sure your breed miniature poodle knows the basic obedience commands, and you should know some Dog First Aid in case he gets hurt, and you're ready to get started.

Choose a quiet area that doesn't have a lot of movement or loud noises that can distract your Miniature Poodle. In other words, do this in your backyard, not in the middle of the park on a Sunday afternoon. Start with medium level tricks such as shake, fetch, speak, beg, roll over, play dead, jump on command, and whatever else you wish.

The first trick should always be shake. It's the simplest manoeuvre and will give him an idea of what is expected of him. To do it, say the command, and then pick up his paw and shake it.

Gush over how great he did and make him feel like he did a good job, and then do it again. After just a few tries he should pick up on what you want him to do, and from then on he'll try harder to figure out what your new commands are, because he knows that once he solves the riddle he'll get a treat and warm words from you.

Miniature Poodles are perfect pets if you want to go into more advanced tricks as well. Counting, for example, is a trick that he should be able to pick up on after a few days of Training.

Hold out a certain number of fingers and train him to bark that many times. Three fingers = three barks, 4 fingers = four barks, and so on. This is a real crowd pleaser, and once he gets the hang of it he should be able to remember it for the rest of his life.

Always treat your dog with respect with training, and reward him for everything he does well.

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